· September, 2008

Stories about South Korea from September, 2008

Korea: Ceremonial Expenses

  29 September 2008

What is your biggest expense? A website, www.career.co.kr, did a survey of 1,676 employees, and asked them which of their expenses they consider worthless. The highest percentage answered drinking and the second highest was for payment of other peoples’ ceremonies. The top answer could be understood anywhere. Then, what do...

Korea: The End of OhmyNews Japan (following Hanako's)

  24 September 2008

Following the post, “The End of OhmyNews Japan” by the Japanese editor, Hanako, I was curious how Korean bloggers talk about the failure of OhmyNews Japan. Many bloggers have analyzed the success of OhmyNews Korea and have been keen on changes in ONK, which is regarded as the godfather of...

Japan: Maga on War and Japan

  24 September 2008

Japan Focus just published a translation of one of Mizuki Shigeru’s short manga pieces, entitled “War and Japan“, with a brief introduction to the man and his work written by Matthew Penney. via Mutant Travelogue.

Korea: Teachers and Education

  21 September 2008

On the 15th of September, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST) announced that they will make public the number of teachers who joined Korean Teachers & Education Workers’ Union (KTU) at each school after the MEST agreed to open international secondary schools on the 4th of September. The...

Japan: The End of OhmyNews Japan

  18 September 2008

At the end of August, 2008, OhmyNews, the citizen journalism site from South Korea that entered the Japanese market in 2006 with much fanfare, closed its doors. First officially announced on February 22, 2006, and launched shortly thereafter with help from the Japanese media giant Softbank and an investment contract valued at 1.3 billion yen, OhmyNews had a rough ride in Japan right from the beginning. Bloggers reflect on the rise and fall of the Japanese citizen journalism project.

South Korea: Han River

  18 September 2008

Robert Neff from Ohmynews! posted some historical photos of Han River (from an exhibition) to indicate how the river changes over time.

YouTube Contest for aspiring journalists

  18 September 2008

As I had mentioned back in August, YouTube and The Pulitzer Center have launched Project: Report, a contest for aspiring journalists and now the full rules and instructions are up. The contest and awards are limited to participants who are legal residents of countries where YouTube is officially launched: Australia,...

Korea: Kim Jong Il’s Disappearance and South Korea

  18 September 2008

Kim Jong Il’s continued absence from public activities in North Korea and the rumor of his sickness produce more imaginative scenarios. For example, he actually died several years ago and the real power of North Korea is not him anymore. No matter whether his sickness or death is true or...

Korea: The Harvest Moon Festival and How to Spend.

  15 September 2008

It’s Harvest Moon Festival (HMF) again. The time when family members who live apart can gather together and relatives who rarely meet can greet each other in their home towns. Your stomach is happy with traditional home made food. However, not every one is waiting for this moment. A funny...

Korea: Chaos at the Korea Broadcasting System

  8 September 2008

Korea Broadcasting System’s (KBS) President had to step down from his position for breach of trust when the Beijing Olympics started. Due to the games, this event didn’t get much attention while there were arguments whether the government can legally take action to fire the representative of a public broadcasting...

East and South Asia: Suicide By Pesticide Ingestion Common

  6 September 2008

As World Suicide Prevention Day approaches on September 10, a new study reaffirms that suicide is frequently committed by ingesting pesticides in many Asian countries. The study analyzed preferred suicide methods across the world to help policy makers devise the best strategies for suicide prevention. On average, almost 3000 people...

Korea: Tens of Thousands of Buddhists in Seoul

  3 September 2008

Although Korea has many religions, there have not been serious religious conflicts. Different religions have peacefully coexisted. Until now… Peaceful coexistence now seems on the verge of breaking. Tens of thousands of Buddhists protested against religious discrimination from the current government. President Lee Myung Bak is famous for being a...

South Korea: Government Blog

  3 September 2008

Korea Beat highlights a local report about South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's personal blog. The blog was called Hello policy, however, it has disabled the comment session.