· September, 2009

Stories about South Korea from September, 2009

South Korea: Kids Lack Sleep

  30 September 2009

Korea beat translated a local news report on a survey about Korean kids’ sleeping time, which is the shortest among the 6 surveyed countries.

South Korea: Government sued activist with libel

  18 September 2009

Ohmynews! International has a report on South Korean government libel charge against a prominent activist lawyer Park Wonsoon. Part was charged 200 million won for damages from the National Intelligence Agency (“NIA”) last September 14.

South Korea: Protecting children

  18 September 2009

Matt from Gusts of popular feelings wrote an informative article on the ineffectiveness of certain policies for protecting children and youth.

South Korea: 6% of Kids Addicted to Internet

  18 September 2009

Korea Beat translated a local news on a report released by the Ministry of Health which affirmed: 6 out of 100 fourth-graders, over 34,000 in total, have an internet addiction serious enough to call for counseling and treatment.

China: New real-name requirement

  8 September 2009

Rebecca MacKinnon from Rconversation discussed the implementation of real name registration in online discussion and pointed out that the system, started from South Korea, is becoming a global trend.

South Korea: 3 bills regarding native English teachers

  2 September 2009

Matt from Gusts of popular feeling discusses the three bills submitted by Democratic Party representative in the national assembly. The bills require foreign English teachers to have criminal record and health and drug checks before being hired at public or private schools.