· June, 2006

Stories about South Korea from June, 2006

News 21 team in Korea

  27 June 2006

News 21 team, formed by a group of students from University of California with the interest of reporting US military abroad, is now visiting South Korea. GI Korea Blog helps summarize the trip.

We Are the Champion!

  27 June 2006

JAINE K1M puts together some fantatic photos showing how Koreans support their national soccer team in Germany 2006 FIFA World Cup. I know many Koreans have been down since yesterday and that you are all mad and furious about the game, but I also know you are all proud of...

Peace March from Seoul to Daechuri

  22 June 2006

Camp Humphreys, a U.S. Military Base in South Korea, will soon begin the expansion project to build new houses, gyms. This project will “destroy the farming communities of Daechuri, Doduri, and others”. Days in Daechuri blog about local protest activities and is organizing a Peace March on Early July.

South Korea: France VS Korea in World Cup

  19 June 2006

Even though the France VS South Korea Match is considered a boring one, there are still 60 plus comments in dissidentdave's match description post in the Marmot's hole. One of the comments goes like this: Dave, I’m korean as well and I admitted i think at least twice in different...

South Korea: Call for International Support in Daechuri

  16 June 2006

An annoucement was put up in Days in Daechuri (a U.S military base in S.Korea) to call for international support to protect the farmers against forced evictions. A foriegner's house is being organized to facilitate visits for foriegn journalists interested in learning about Daechuri and the surrounding area's struggle, and...

Korea: blogging world cup

Yesterday it was the Korea first World Cup match. Andy in the Marmot's hole was doing semi-live blogging on Korea-Togo game; while Robert Koehler discussed about the joy killing comments made by Hankyoreh concerning how the nation seems to have forgotten the fourth anniversary of the deaths of Sin Hyo-sun...

North Korea: Missile test coming

  13 June 2006

“Congratulations, North Korea!” blogs Robert J. Koehler at The Marmot's Hole in response to news that North Korea will soon test-fire a missile capable of striking America. “Soon, you might have the capability to ensure the Americans turn South Korea into an island in the event of an emergency. And...

Japan: The shape of state buildings

  12 June 2006

Kotaji blogger kotajihwa blogs on some interesting sights found using Google Earth to look down on Japanese and South Korean government buildings in ‘Archigraphy.’ via Kerim and Pinyin News.

South Korea: World Cup consciousness

  9 June 2006

NGOs in South Korea have banded together, writes Kotaji blogger Kotajihwal, to prevent World Cup fever from drawing attention away from pressing social and political issues.

Singapore: Singapore as a model for South Korea

  8 June 2006

Jodi at Asiapages wonders if Singapore could serve as a model for South Korea's aspirations to be a international business hub. “What struck me most about Singapore though was how I have heard people talk about how Korea is striving so hard to model itself into something sort of like...