· November, 2005

Stories about South Korea from November, 2005

South Korea: APEC Protests Again

24 November 2005

Wondering how the protests at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Busan, South Korea, went last week? kotaji has been covering them, as has Two Koreas.

South Korea: Exam Eve

23 November 2005

Gusts of Popular Feeling describes the night before the big, life-determining college entrance exam in South Korea.

South Korea: Graduation Speech

18 November 2005

Korean-Canadian Jun-Gang of A Canadian-Gyopo's Tour of Duty posts the speech he gave in Korean at his graduation, which discusses why he decided to go to Korea to learn his parent's native tongue: “What’s more important to me though is the one thing I've always wanted to be able to...

South Korea: APEC Protests

17 November 2005

As the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Busan, South Korea nears, Andy Jackson of Flying Yangban discusses what the likely anti-globalization protests that will accompany it mean.

North Korea, South Korea: The Submariner's Tale

  16 November 2005

oranckay recalls his encounter with a North Korean submarine navigator who had been involved in a failed 1995 infiltration attempt of South Korea. The navigator had lived on a North Korean base since the age of 14: “He didn't know what money was. He'd never needed any.”

On the Menu: Food Blogs from Southeast Asia!

  15 November 2005

Take one former graphic designer, a retired corporate banking and management consultant, a civil servant, a teacher, an amateur photographer, an academic and a freelance journalist. Add generous dollops of blogging software, several digital cameras, enthusiastic assistants/partners and web-hosting accounts (there are no substitutes for these ingredients). Stir them together and you get some of the best writing about Southeast Asian food this side of printed page.

South Korea: Datemates or Sexmates?

12 November 2005

The Lost Nomad finds an article about the emerging phenomenon of no-strings-attached “datemate” relationships in South Korea.

China, Japan, Korea, India: Pan-Asian Sidenotes on Old Travelogues

  7 November 2005

Preetam Rai at betterdays took photos of the wry commentary penciled in the margins of an old travelogue written in the 1930s by an American traveler who visited China, Japan and Korea. Rai had bought the book in Bangalore bookshop. He observes: “The commentator was surely a proud pan-asianist. Pan-Asianism...

South Korea: Traitor or Hero?

7 November 2005

American and Korean bloggers writing about South Korea are incensed about the hero's welcome given in Seoul to Robert Kim, a Korean-American arrested in 1996 for passing classified information to the Korean government.

South Korea: Hog Heaven

4 November 2005

Gusts of Popular Feeling chronicles the occasional invasion of Seoul by wild boar.

South Korea, Taiwan: Arms and the Man

  4 November 2005

“Will I need to buy a gun when I get to the United States?” The Asia Pages tries to assuage the fears of Korean students headed for American universities. Meanwhile, a Taiwanese gun dealer likens the U.S. to a firearms “candy shop.”