· December, 2006

Stories about South Korea from December, 2006

China: Nary Xmas?

  23 December 2006

A group of PhD students at several of China's biggest and best universities came together last week to release a letter calling for Chinese to boycott Christmas—a holiday they see as representing waning interest in traditional Chinese culture—and all the rest of non-native cultural trends. Presumably not a very popular...

Philippines: Learning from Seoul City Planners

  22 December 2006

Urbano dela Cruz writes about South Korean capital Seoul's bold restoration of a river and a park by demolishing a highway in the city centre. The blogger says that Manila city should learn from Seoul's example.

Japan and South Korea: citizen reporters meeting

  21 December 2006

Oh Mun-su from Ohmynews reports on the recent meeting between Korean and Japanese Citizen Reporters. “It was held in the OhmyNews Japan office in Tokyo to reconcile differences in thinking between the two citizen groups and extend each other's understanding.”

East Asia: the East Asian Libraries and Archives wiki

  18 December 2006

Frog in a Well announces a project on the East Asian Libraries and Archives wiki. The project will will serve as a central collection site for information about archives, libraries, museums, etc. in East Asia that are of potential interest for anyone doing research on or in East Asia.

South Korea:

  12 December 2006

Robert Koehler at Marmot's Hole blogs about the National Human Rights Commission's decision on not to look into human rights abuses occurring in North Korea.

South Korea: demand apology regarding racist programme

  12 December 2006

Michael Hurt has written an open letter to demand an official apology from Korean T.V station (KBS) regarding their earlier Global talk show programme which is considered as “racist and sexist stereotyping of foreign people”. Marmot's Hole also blogs about NGO statement on the issue.

South Korea: water cannon below 0 degree

  5 December 2006

Jamie from Two Koreas blogs about the union demonstration against bills on irregular work. The demonstrators were received by water cannon at freezing weather. You can find a video link in the blog.

South Korea: pron star English teacher

  4 December 2006

Robert Koehler comments on the recent report and internet hunt of an English teacher who worked as a pron star for her tution fee when studying in Canada. He points out that this may be another incident of cyber-terrorism against individual.