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· December, 2010

Stories about South Korea from December, 2010

North Korea's State-run TV Broadcasted its First Western-made Film

South Korea: Court Rules In Favor of Free Internet Speech

South Korea Defined North Korea as ‘Enemy’ in Defense White Paper

Korea: Preferential Treatment to Kim Il-Sung Univ. Graduates

South Korea:Cows Culled As Mouth and Foot Disease Spread

South Korea: Anti-War Protests in Seoul

2010 Chinese blogosphere: Peace and conflict

The top stories among Chinese communities in Northeast Asia in 2010 can be summarized in two words: Peace and Conflict.

South/North Korea: Tensions Escalate in Midst of Live-Fire Drills

South Korean military exercises were underway today near the disputed waters with North Korea, who threatened Seoul to strike back, raising more tensions in the Korean peninsula. The Korean people,...

South/North Korea: A Review of 2010 in Keywords

From Cheonan incident in March to the latest North Korean attack on Yeonpyeong island, Global Voices took a look back at the year’s hottest keywords that have been widely circulated...

Tweet Photos of South Korea on Cold Snap

South Korea: A Controversy Over Free Internet Calls

South Korea: Free School Meals Debate Sweeps the Nation

A serious debate on the free school meals system has swept South Korea this week, as a minority opposition party succeeded in passing a bill through parliament that expands free...

South Korea: Korean Parliament In Chaos on Next Year's Budget Bill

China: WikiLeaks, North Korea and Internet freedom

Diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks raise the possibility, among other things, of reunification on the Korean peninsula. The US government's response to the cables, meanwhile, raises questions over online freedoms;...

South Korea:The ‘350 Concert’ by Green Foundation Held in Seoul

Japan: Confusion and speculations on the North Korean incident

The latest attack by North Korea on South Korea has put Japan on the alert. Is it the beginning of a war? Will it be Japan's turn next time? Or...

South Korea: Spa mogul reaches out to Yeonpyeong Refugees

After an artillery attack by North Korea on a populated South Korean island which killed four people and turned the island into a ghost town, offers of help for the...

Russia: North Korean Construction Workers

Russia: Online Reactions to Korean Skirmish

People in Russia's eastern-most region Primorsky Krai followed the news of an exchange of fire between North Korea and South Korea on November 23 with special concern over the possibility...

WikiLeaks in Korea: Diplomatic Niceties Lost Regarding North Korean Issues

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