· September, 2005

Stories about South Korea from September, 2005

South Korea: New ambassador

30 September 2005

The Marmot's Hole comments on the naming of a new South Korean ambassador to the United States.

North Korea: Nuke-free pledge

  19 September 2005

One Free Korea takes apart, in a point-by-point analysis, the unexpected announcement that North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons program in exchange for security and assistance guarantees from the other five parties to the China-brokered talks.

South Korea: Appraisal of the Roh administration

16 September 2005

Asia's Security Perils notes an op-ed piece by Bernard Moon on OhMyNews, applauding his insights into the use of nationalistic sentiment by the administration of President Roh Moo-hyun.

South Korea: Protester profile

15 September 2005

The Asia Pages takes a look at the deep deference to authority behind your average raucous South Korean protest.

South Korea: Seoul Man

14 September 2005

One Free Korea writes a detailed profile of Seoul mayor Lee Myung Bak, one of two potential Grand National Party candidates for the presidency.

South Korea: Blaming the U.S.

13 September 2005

Marmot points to a South Korean opinion poll revealing that 53 percent of South Koreans polled believe the U.S. is most responsible for the continued division of the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea: Bloggers critique Roh

12 September 2005

Mingi Hyun of Asia's Secrurity Perils points to an editorial arguing that President Roh tends to “abuse South Korean nationalism”, written for the English edition of OhMyNews by fellow blogger Bernard Moon.

South Korea: Coalition

8 September 2005

The Marmot's Hole details his problems with President Roh Tae Woo's call for a grand coalition.

South Korea: Typhoon Names

7 September 2005

As typhoon Nabi glides into Busan, The Asia Pages muses on how, since 2000, typhoons have been given local Asian names so that “by having a name people could relate to, death would be avoided.”

South Korea: Internationalised TV

  1 September 2005

The Korean emergence now takes the form of internationalized television. After making waves in Southeast Asia, Korean TV serial Daejangeum looks set to conquer stations in the United States, broadcasting under the English title, “Jewel in the Palace”. The Korean government has created an official English website devoted to these...