· August, 2009

Stories about South Korea from August, 2009

South Korea: Why Does Korea Not Accept Refugees?

  24 August 2009

Korea Beat translated a newspapers opinion piece on “Why does Korea not accept refugees?”. According to the article, from 1994 to last June a total of 2,336 people have applied for recognition as displaced persons, with just 116 of them receiving such recognition.

Japan: Food self-sufficiency ratio calculation

  17 August 2009

JMR at Eris in Asia blogs about the reasoning behind the Japanese government's use of “the calorific method of calculation, rather than the near universal cost-base calculation” to calculate food self-sufficiency ratio.

Korea: Clinton’s Visit to North Korea

  6 August 2009

A surprising news. All of a sudden, Clinton visited North Korea and like 007 he took two female American journalists who were held in North Korea back home. About this sudden news, there is not so much public news regarding it in the Korean media nor in bloggers’ opinions. Here...

Korea: Anti-Mother Internet Cafe

  2 August 2009

A teenager made an internet cafe (internet club) with the name of ‘Anti-Mother Cafe’ and many young people joined it. As we can see from the name, it is for teenagers to criticize their own mothers. A number of teenagers joined and the criticism is quite shockingly harsh. Giving a...