· October, 2010

Stories about South Korea from October, 2010

South Korea: A Repairman Won the Nation's Biggest Singing Contest.

  25 October 2010

Hur Gak, is a stout, homey-looking repairman who took home the trophy of the nation's biggest singing contest, “Superstar K,” Korean version of American Idol. Hur won around 177 thousand USD, a car and the opportunity to release his own album. He is now referred to as Korea's Paul Potts. Video...

South Korea: North Korean Defector's Struggling Life In Big Cities

  19 October 2010

A North Korean defector's life in South Korea is tough. Even after hundreds hours of study in Hanawon, the state-run resettlement facility, the defector's first encounter with the real world outside North is full of bewilderment and frustration. Korea’s Joongang took a snapshot of a defector's daily life.

South Korea:A Star Anchor Threatens To Sue a Twitterer.

  18 October 2010

South Korea’s star anchorwoman, Kim Ju-ha made headlines as she threatens to file a defamation lawsuit against a tweeter who called her “brainless.” Many Twitterers are condemning her reaction as ‘neurotic’. The KoreaTimes translated and summarized a heated debate going on at Korean Twitter.

Big Corporations, South Korea's Human Rights Blind Spot

  16 October 2010

Hospitals, prisons and the army are three places spots where absolute authority is held by one side. In Korea, there's another human rights blind spot: big corporatations. Lots of information that handed over them are treated with inconsideration and direct insults are the norm during the interview process.

South Korea:Photos of the Hi Seoul Festival

  12 October 2010

Blogger MyCar 9960 uploaded photos[ko] of the 2010 Hi Seoul Festival, Seoul's seasonal cultural festival. A series of indoor and street performances, parades and exhibitions are held in several spots around Seoul until Sunday.

North Korea: North Korea's Alledged Flicker Account

  11 October 2010

The world's most reclusive states, North Korea is believed to have open a Flicker account and uploaded 26 photos of the regime's propaganda events, Yonhap reported on North Korea's alledged Flicker account [ko]. The fact has not been confirmed yet by the government or other media outlets.

South Korea: Pusan International Film Festival Begins, Twitterers Abuzz

  7 October 2010

The 2010 Pusan International Film Festival(PIFF) begins today in South Korean city of Pusan(sometimes spelled Busan)where stars from Hollywood, Bollywood and China gathered with film-makers. PIFF’s official twitter is buzzing with enthusiastic movie fans [ko]uploading photos of the festival and updating their favorites star's schedule.

South Korea:Huge Fire Set On Fancy Building In Busan

  1 October 2010

A luxurious 38-story apartment building in South Korea's southern city of Busan was set ablaze. The fire has spread quickly. It rose from 4th floor up to the top within 30 minutes. Several Twitterers like @richboybook tweeted dramatic photos of the scene.