· July, 2008

Stories about South Korea from July, 2008

Korea: Fan Death and Your Belief

  30 July 2008

There is a myth that has been handed down from generation to generation in Korea. “The fan death.” If you sleep with a fan on in an airtight room, you might die. When I was a kid, adults around me always warned that I should not close the door and...

South Korea: Protest and Repression

  29 July 2008

CINA re-posts a detailed account of a peaceful protest against the government in last Saturday by an Amercian disapora in South Korea. The protest ended up in police repression and there is a call for international solidarity.

South Korea: Law and Order?

  29 July 2008

Jamie from Two Koreas highlights two recent incidents showing how the government intends to impose law and order by repressing the civil society and freedom of speech.

Korea: To Me, a Blog is ___________

  27 July 2008

We all know about the ‘wave’ at sporting events. You stand up and down following strangers the behind or front, or left or right sides around you. Now the ‘blog wave’ is popular in Korea. A blogger or portal site suggests an idea and starts riding the ‘blog wave.’ This...

Korea: Chopsticks… Rather Complicated…

  18 July 2008

Why does Korea use iron for chopsticks while other chopsticks countries use wooden materials? What is the history of the use of chopsticks? When do kids learn how to use it? Hyejin Kim answer these and other questions about this ancient eating utensil.

Korea: Nurses and Sex Symbol

  17 July 2008

A recent music video of a popular and sexy female singer Lee Hyo-lee in Korea has been a hot issue. Maybe in other places as well as in Korea, the nurse costume has been sometimes used as a sex symbol and the singer used the concept for her new music...

Korea: A South Korean Woman’s Death in North Korea

  16 July 2008

There is a way that South Koreans can officially and safely go to North Korea at present. It is a special tourist site that was opened for a special zone, Kumgangsan Tourist Region, in North Korea. Young people send their parents on this trip for ‘filial tourism for their parents.’...

Japan and South Korea: Dokdo

  15 July 2008

Matt from Gusts of popular feelings blogs on the reaction on the territorial debate between Japan and South Korea over Dokdo.

South Korea: Pro-Beef and Anti-Beef

  7 July 2008

In last weekend, the Seoul streets were full again with protesters. On the other hand, conservative groups are planning for a US beef tasting party for some 10,000 people in downtown Seoul on July 12. (via Marmot's Hole)

South Korea: More Developmental Project

  7 July 2008

Matt from Gust of popular feelings blogs in details about two giant developmental project in South Korea, one is Han River ‘Renaissance Plan’ and the other is the Yongsan ‘Dreamhub’.