· July, 2006

Stories about South Korea from July, 2006

China and South Korea: whose cultural heritage ?

  30 July 2006

Richardson in Korea Liberator blogs about the potential debate between China and South Korea concerning Mt Baedu (or Changbaishan in Chinese pronounciation) as China has decided to register Mt. Baekdu on the World Geopark list designated by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

South Korea: green tea

  30 July 2006

Sanshinseon in Marmot's Hole blogs about the recent Tea World Festival in Seoul and gives the readers some background about Korea green tea culture.

South Korea: fan death

  30 July 2006

Robert Koehler in Marmot's Hole blogs about the urban legend of “fan death” in South Korea: Can you really die from falling asleep with your fan on and your windows closed?

South Korea: no-fta

  27 July 2006

Media cultural action (a Seoul based independent media activist group) has put up the “no-fta” demonstration video in July 12, 2006 with english subtitle on their website.

Korea: blood donation

  25 July 2006

Ohmynews‘ Citizen reporter Saenam Kim reports about Korean's attitude towards blood donation and its blood donation certificate system.

South Korea: korean farmer family

  25 July 2006

Song Sung-young, a korean farmer and a citizen reporter of Ohmynews hosted his newly met french friends in his house. He has some vivid descriptions of how Childish English vs. ‘Frenglish’ communication worked out.

South Korea: remodel broken house

  25 July 2006

Days in Daechuri shows a series of pictures on how young people are remodelling the broken house in Daechuri: “Korean government said they are planning to drive all of the daechuri people out and tear down their houses soon. Keeping the houses from being destroyed is the most important struggle...

Korea: physical education

  20 July 2006

Frog in a well traces the history of physcial education in Korea: “the school physical culture was militarized from the late 1930s onward“. The blogger introduces a scholarly paper “The Militarization of the Physical Education and the Forced Healthiness”, which relates the military culture at school with the colonial and...

Japan and South Korea: people's tie

  20 July 2006

In the political spectrum, Japan and South Korea are in conflict; however, Ampontan in Japundit points out that there are much cooperations and friendship among the Japanese and Korean.

Japan and South Korea: territory debate

  19 July 2006

Gerry-Bevers invites open discussion concerning the Japan-South Korea territory debate surrounding “Dokdo/Takeshima” (an island between two countries) in Occidentalism.

South Korea: citizen journalism

  16 July 2006

Ohmynews’ international citizen reporters’ reports on Ohmynews conference July 12-14. Gregory Daigle reports on Citizen Participation and Technology; Alexander Krabbe writes on Where Do You Head, Citizen Journalism?; Ronda Hauben on Exporting citizen journalism; David Michael Weber reports on Ohmynews Japan ready to launch; Roberto Spiezio on Bridging the digial...

South Korea: Anti-FTA protest

  13 July 2006

Kotaji blogs about the anti FTA protest in Seoul on July 12. Jamie in Two Koreas has a very detailed account of the raining day demonstration. Another witness report is written by SJ. At Frog in a Well, Pak Noja posted some thoughts on the economics of Korean agriculture and...

South Korea: peace march

  13 July 2006

Days in Daechuri has a post on the details of a four days peace march (July 5-July 9) by human rights and peace activists from Blue House (presidential resident in Seoul) to Pyeongtaek. The march was to protest against the Korean and American governments’ expropriation of the 2,850,000 pyong (1...

South Korea: Anti-Amercian movie?

  9 July 2006

The USFK bashing Korean movie, “The Host” is about to begin screening in Korea; GI Korea Blog comments that the movie is too anti-American. However, Michael Hurt from Scribblings of the Metropolitician disagrees and suggests other to “go see the film – Americans might bristle uncomfortably for a few minutes,...

South Korea: Sexual slavery

  6 July 2006

James J. Na in Korea Liberator discusses about trafficking of women for sexual service from South Korea to D.C. “South Korea is a source, transit, and destination country for women who are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation…“

East Asia: North Korean missile

  6 July 2006

North Korea missile test causes a number of reactions from the East Asia blogsphere. China Confidential discusses about China's moderator role in the issue: “Beijing either failed to persuade Pyongyang not to launch the missiles or fooled Washington and Tokyo into thinking it was trying.” Sun Bin discusses about other...

South Korea: Korean Folk Village

  3 July 2006

Lawson from Frog in a well visited a Korean Folk Village near Suwon and had some very delicate observations of what were included and excluded. The discussion is related with “the conflicting goals of wanting to celebrate the rich culture of the past (a matter of national pride) and preserve...