· November, 2007

Stories about South Korea from November, 2007

South Korea: Crackdown on Migrant Workers

  29 November 2007

Jamie from Two Koreas posts the call for international solidarity by local labour union against the government violent crackdown of migrant worker union. More background can be found at local newspapers Hankyoreh (reposted in Two Koreas)

Korea: Foreigners on Korean TV

  27 November 2007

A TV program in Korea featuring foreign women who are able to speak Korean and who give their opinions about Korean society and culture has been popular recently. Participants in the program have fast become celebrities due to their exotic appearance. While TV audiences like the program and talk about...

Korea: The Entrance Examination for Colleges

  26 November 2007

The entrance examination for colleges finished last week. Every year it comes along with several events and stories. A story that is never omitted is a tragedy where examinees give up their lives due to the result of the examination. The story always generates opinions and complaints about the current...

Korea: Samsung Scandal

  17 November 2007

Samsung lobbying scandal – the creation of a slush fund, the bribery of prosecutors and government officials, and an effort by the chairman, Lee Kun Hee, and his aide to illegally help his son take over control of Samsung – recently has shaken Korean society and seems to affect the...

South Korea: Workers’ Protest

  16 November 2007

Jamie from Two Koreas blogs more on last weekend's workers’ protest commemorating Chun Tae Il, a worker who immolated himself in the early seventies in protest of the regressive labour relations that animated the sweatshops of the textile boom of those days.

Korea: Conflicts over Subway Seats

10 November 2007

Young people respect old people. Old people take care of young people. That is one of the major traditional philosophies in East Asia. Regarding this perspective, excessive behavior is now bringing up questions about what the extent of the mannger between the elderly and young should be. Especially if you...

Taiwan: South Korea's Experience in China Trade

  9 November 2007

Michael Turton comments on The European Chamber of Commerce's criticism over Taiwan's trade policy. The Chamber chair suggested Taiwan to learn from South Korea's experience while the blogger wondered what exactly Taiwan should learn.

Korea: Special Compartments for Women on the Subway

  8 November 2007

What do you think about special compartments for women on the subway? One reason given for its necessity is to protect women from male sex criminals. A new policy that Seoul suggested causes a new kind of battle between men and women. 도쿄 경찰에 따르면 지난 2005년에 검거된 지하철 성추행범은...

South Korea: Mourning for Dead Migrant Workers

  5 November 2007

On Sunday, Buddhist groups and migrant workers mourned for imported labours who have died as a result of accidents that occurred in the difficult, dirty and dangerous industries. More from Two Koreas.

Korea: Punishments at school

  3 November 2007

What is the best education? A series of recent incidents in Korean schools reflects the difficulty of striking a balance between the demands of teachers, students and parents. Teachers’ qualifications are always an important issue when school scandals emerge. 선생님들 체벌을 하세요 폭력을 휘두르지 마시고 최근 선생님들과 관련된 정말 씁쓸한...

Asia: Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies

  1 November 2007

Interlocals.net puts up an announcement from Inter-Asia Graduate School of NGO Studies (based in Seoul) inviting application for master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies. Some scholarship are available for developing country students and activists.