· September, 2006

Stories about South Korea from September, 2006

South Korea: Textbook revision

  20 September 2006

Sewing from Marmot's Hole gives us more background about the South Korea textbook revision. This time it is not about intepretation of history, but about changing traditional gender roles, implicit endorsement of single-child families, and unhealthy focus on the myth of a homogeneous Korean “race”.

China and Korea: History wars

  20 September 2006

Mutant frog writes an elaborated summary on the history wars between China and Korea for the Asian history carnival.

Korea: history of foreign visits

  17 September 2006

Gusts of popular feeling has two detailed posts with historical photos about the history of foreign visits to Chosun. The first visit record is 1582. The first western missionaries, two French Catholics, came to Korea in 1836. Since 1800s, more conflicts emerged.

China and Korea: territorial debate

  15 September 2006

Peking Duck blogs a discussion about Korea has been China's territory since ancient time; Bingfeng shows another map saying that China has been Korea's territory since ancient time, the blogger feels that “it's a little silly to bring them to the level of diplomatic dispute”.

South Korea: villages demolished for military base

  14 September 2006

Days in Daechuri reports that 22,000 riot police and 450 contracted construction workers and thugs invaded and occupied the villages of Daechuri and Doduri today (Sept 14 13) at dawn and demolished 68 farm houses. The operation is to clear the land for the construction of U.S military base. Ohmynews...

South Korea: when North Korea falls

  8 September 2006

Robert Kaplan, a visiting Professor in National Security at the United States Naval Academy, wrote an article at the Alantic Monthly titled as “When North Korea falls”, and pointed out the likely winner is China. The articles has stirred up some discussion among some bloggers. Richardson from the Korea Liberator...

South Korea: The transformation of USFK

  5 September 2006

Francis from interlocals.net writes an analyical piece on the implication of U.S-Korea handover of wartime operation command: The real issue here is not really about sovereign right of military command, but the subtly and deeply changing role and strategy of the ROK-US military alliance with very strong regional implications. Not...

South Korea: protest against Roh government

  4 September 2006

GI Korea blogs about the protest organized by the conservatives against Roh government on September 2. They urged the government to postpone the transfer of wartime operational control and revision of the private school law. The blogger thinks ” it was a real shock to many that America would be...