· August, 2008

Stories about South Korea from August, 2008

Korea: Korean Mata Hari – North Korean Spy Scandal.

  30 August 2008

While the Beijing Olympics was held, Koreans were excited about news of a series of medals. It even seemed that hot attention to political issues and arguments among the citizens since the inauguration of the new President have slowly diminished. The rate of support for the new President, which drastically...

South Korea: Sex Offender Bracelet

  28 August 2008

Korea Beat translated a local news about the implementation of sex offender bracelets policy: beginning on September 1st the bracelets will be able to report the movements of sex offenders 24 hours a day.

South Korea: Racism

  22 August 2008

Ask a Korean! discusses about the different stands in racism by using the Spanish basketball players’ photo.

Korea: Selling Tourism

  21 August 2008

Robert Koehler from Marmot's Hole summarized a local magazine's discussion over the lack of selling points regarding Korean Tourism.

China: Chinese Students on Olympics

  18 August 2008

Jin Hye-ji from Ohmynews interviewed several Chinese students from different communities on sensitive issues concerning Olympics, the opinions are very diverse.

Korea: Georgia Crisis

  17 August 2008

While Koreans enthusiastically follow the Beijing Olympics, they are also busy studying what’s going on between Russia and Georgia and what the attack means to world politics. It has been one of the main topics among bloggers.

South Korea: Hating China

  12 August 2008

Charles Michel Duke from Ohmynews explains how the popular sentiment towards China has been shaped by the western media.

Korea: Why did Bush come to Korea?

  10 August 2008

Bush’s visit to Korea for one night and two days on the fifth of August made a lot of people busy: A big group who welcomed his visit in one street of Seoul, another big group who were opposed to his visit in the other street of Seoul, the police...

Korea: Threatening Books and Their Popularity

  7 August 2008

Several days ago, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) in Korea categorized 23 books as threatening books and decided to forbid those books in libraries in the army units because they could ruin soldiers’ minds. Since the announcement, it led to an interesting reaction – sales of those books have...

Korea: National Duty vs Conscience

  3 August 2008

A young man who is serving his military service as police decided not to go back to his military unit after vacation and announced the declaration of conscience. The reason was that he felt guilty after suppressing civilians who attended candlelight vigils. There have been a lot of responses to...