· November, 2006

Stories about South Korea from November, 2006

South Korea: blocking highway

  30 November 2006

Jamie in Two Koreas explains why yesterday's protest against FTA in Seoul was much smaller in scale: the governments were blocking protesters’ buses in the highway!

South Korea: too young

  21 November 2006

Andy Jackson in Marmot's hole worries that the national human rights commission's criticism against the Asiana and Korean Air’s policy of hiring women crewmembers that are no older than 25 years will affect the service.

China: Put the E back in APEC

  19 November 2006

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum came to a harmonious enough end this Sunday with all twenty-one member nations agreeing to renew calls for North Korea to put an end to its nuclear plans and key player China putting its weight behind the pledge. Chinese bloggers, however, seem to have...

South Korea: labour movement history

  16 November 2006

Jamie at interlocals.net has written an article on the recent massive labour strike with a video explaining the labour condition of South Korea from the labour union perspective in the past 10 years.

South Korea: university pressure on Dokdo

  15 November 2006

Robert Koehler at Marmot's Hole reports that a blogger has received pressure from university because of his blogging about Dokdo, an island with territorial controversy between Japan and South Korea.

South Korea: war criminals cleared

  14 November 2006

Robert Koehler in Marmot's hole comments on the clearing of 83 Koreans (out of 148) conscripted by the Japanese military during the World War II of war crimes.

South Korea: who are US allies?

  6 November 2006

Robert Koehler comments on a commentary by Philadelphia Inquirer columnist which was viewed by Korean media a “naked expression of anti-Korean sentiment”. In the article, the columnist called Japan and Taiwan US’ real allies.

South Korea: rock music

  6 November 2006

R. Elgin blogs about the “godfather”, Shin Joong-hyun, of Korean rock music in Marmot's hole.

South Korea: peace activist sentenced to two years

  6 November 2006

Days in Daechuri reports on the verdict of anti-U.S military base leader Kim Ji-tae; he is sentenced to two years imprisonment for obstructing civic affairs. Father Moon Jung-hyun, Representative for the Pan S.Korea Solution Committee against US Base Extension in Pyongtaek (KCPT) criticised that the trial is politically motivated.