· November, 2010

Stories about Zimbabwe from November, 2010

Zimbabwe: Problems getting national ID

  26 November 2010

This is a podcast in which a man describes the difficulties he is having trying to get an Identity Card (ID in Zimbabwe. He needs this to be able to vote in the constitution referendum and the next general and presidential elections.

Zimbabwe: Stop Persecution Against Roy Bennette

  4 November 2010

Stop persecution against Roy Bennet of Zimbabwe: “For several years now, Hon. Bennett has been victim of harassment, expropriation, prison terms and persecution by the part of Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF. Appointed by the shared-power government in February, 2009 as deputy agriculture minister, his post continues to be unfilled due to...

Zimbabwe: Racist grade 7 exam question

  3 November 2010

A strange grade 7 exam question in Zimbabwe: 15. Before Independence, blacks and whites failed to live together peacefully because: A. The whites had guns B. The blacks liked to strike C. The whites did not like blacks D. All the blacks wanted to live in towns

Zimbabwe: Are women less corupt than men?

  1 November 2010

Zimbabwean blogger Lenard Kamwendo asks, “Are women less corrupt than men?”: “Corruption has been a major setback to development in Zimbabwe. Corruption can be done either by men or by women and corruption is now everywhere in our country whether in high offices or on the streets.”