· February, 2009

Stories about Zimbabwe from February, 2009

Zimbabwe: How Mugabe Steals

  25 February 2009

Denford Magora reveals how Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe amassed wealth during his tenure. I promised a few days ago to share with you information from impeccable sources on just how Robert Mugabe amassed a fortune during his tenure, “Few people know that, when Mugabe travels overseas, the Chief Secretary to...

Zimbabwe: Marechera's Love Sonnets

  22 February 2009

EShuneutics discusses Marechera's Love Sonnets. Dambudzo was a Zimbabwean writer and poet, “Poem III in the Amelia Sonnets, is titled “Her hand my eyes closes”. The closing of the eyes is a familiar image of death, one of the final acts offered to the corpse. The irony here, however, is...

Zimbabwe: Why Arrest Roy Bennett?

  16 February 2009

“Why arrest Roy Bennett?,” reads the headline at My Heart's in Accra about the MDC Treasurer General and Deputy Minister of Agriculture designate, Roy Bennett, who was arrested Friday in Harare. He was charged with treason before these charges were dropped and replaced with attempt to commit terrorism, banditry and sabotage. Zimbabwean bloggers and others have not been silent about his arrest. Many bloggers consider the charges against Bennett to be false. One bloggers links his arrest to Mugabe's hatred for white farmers.

Zimbabwe: Take Action For Roy Bennet

  15 February 2009

Sokwanele's call for action to support Roy Bennet: Please call (or sms the cell) these numbers to let the police holding Roy Bennett know that the world is watching very closely and want Roy Bennett to be released immediately. Tell them you will continue to monitor the situation closely, and...

New Zimbabwe Has Arrived, But…

  13 February 2009

MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai was sworn in Wednesday as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in a historic move to establish a government of national unity after years of political, economic and social crises. The swearing in of Morgan Tsvangirai is expected to pave way for the revival of the economy and bring about rule of law and genuine democratic changes. Following this historic move, we decided to look at the voices, analyses and mood of Zimbabweans in the blogosphere.

Trinidad & Tobago: Transitioning

  12 February 2009

“We have created a rich and wonderful culture that is unique to Trinidad and Tobago…but sometimes I wonder if we are just waiting for the bottom to drop out”: Trin ruminates on education, crime and government policy in the wider context of international politics.

Zimbabwe's Bloggers React As The Opposition Joins Hands With Mugabe

  6 February 2009

Zimbabwe's bloggers are reacting with hope, but also anger and dismay to Morgan Tsvangirai's decision to join Robert Mugabe in a coalition governmet. It is a wonderfully eclectic mix that reflects the sheer emotional exhaustion of the Zimbabwean people after a marathon seven-month political impasse, which was compounded by the world-record inflation levels.

Jamaica: Hunger Strike

  3 February 2009

“I've come to believe more and more strongly that all or each of us has to take more and more radical steps to contribute to changing what we all agree is a completely untenable situation in almost all our countries”: Jamaica-based Annie Paul joined in yesterday's worldwide fast to draw...