· January, 2011

Stories about Zimbabwe from January, 2011

Africa: Has African Union become a group of jokers?

  31 January 2011

Mac-Jordan wonders why Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe is included in Cote d'Ivoire's mediation?: “Instantly, I become very angry and annoyed at the decision of the African Union in appointing a dictator to mediate in the on-goings in Ivory Coast. Has the African Union become that much of a group of...

Zimbabwe: Myopic Look East Policy

  27 January 2011

Upenyu analyses Zimbabwe's “Look East” policy: “When ZANU PF looks East I wonder what it is looking at. Is it examining the Chinese Communist Party’s successes and failures and how these may be instructional for them too?”

Zimababwe: How to get money for public sector wages

  21 January 2011

Tips on how to generate money for public sector wages in Zimbabwe: “Maybe sell some of Chombo’s houses or farms acquired by Zanu PF chefs? Or swing a bit of cash from diamonds towards salaries? Turn in the Mercs and Prados and buy more modest vehicles? Quit the trips and...

Zimbabwe: Call for Submissions: “Remembering Marechera”

  17 January 2011

A call for Submissions for a new anthology titled “Remembering Marechera”: “To celebrate Dambudzo Marechera’s posthumous 59th birthday this year I will be putting together an ebook anthology entitled “Remembering Marechera”, consisting of essays, reviews, short stories, poems, etc. that follow this theme, to be published by StoryTime Publishing. To...

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's model constitution now online

  6 January 2011

Zimbabwe's model constitution is now online: “We have just included all the content from the Model Constitution compiled by the Law Society of Zimbabwe into our indexed online constitution resource. Visitors to our site are now able to browse through this lengthy document…”

Zimbabwe: Is Wikileaks bad for Zimbabwe?

  6 January 2011

Is Wikileaks bad for Zimbabwe?: “In this particular case, the argument that (A) because the cable hurts Tsvangirai and helps Mugabe, (B) Wikileaks is therefore bad for democracy, and therefore (C) bad for Zimbabweans, is a set of propositions linked together by a lot of un-argued claims.”

Zimbabwe: 2011 SMS Resolutions

  5 January 2011

2011 SMS resolutions in Zimbabwe: “This morning we asked our email and SMS subscribers “Whats your resolution about how you’ll get involved in making change happen in 2011′?” Of the 70+ responses we’ve received so far, the most popular response from our subscribers is that they would vote (21 said...

Zimbabwe: Three reasons to plant a tree in a pothole

  5 January 2011

Three reasons why trees are planted in potholes in Zimbabwe: “Plant a tree in a pot hole.1) It makes pot holes easier to spot 2) It improves the environment 3) You might finally get the city council’s attention”

South Africa: Starting 2011 without illegal Africans

  3 January 2011

Starting the year without illegal Africans in South Africa: “…this is how South Africa, it's government and people have decided to start the year: All Zimbabweans residing in SA ”illegally” should apply for residence or will be repatriated to Zimbabwe!”