· August, 2007

Stories about Zimbabwe from August, 2007

The Global Voices Show #5

  20 August 2007

[display_podcast] Finally, episode 5 of the Global Voices Show! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts: Gastronautics – Maldives PodMasti – India J.U.M.P. Radio – Kenya Mideast Youth – Saudi Arabia Budacast – Hungary Africa Files: The Pulse – Zimbabwe The Kimchi Girls – Korea Also featured...

Zimbabwe: Rigging Zimbabwe's 2008 elections

  17 August 2007

Mugabe has started rigging next year's elections: “Even though they plan to rig the election as usual, they want to give the result a semblance legitimacy by polling the largest number of votes. Some of the stages of the plans have already been implemented, the events in the past 3...

Zimbabwe: Mugabe blacklists Global Voices Online

  16 August 2007

The government of Zimbabwe blacklists Global Voices Online: “Evidently, Global Voices is one of the sources of “‘virulent propaganda’ to delegitimise ‘our just struggle against Anglo-Saxons’.” We’re one of 41 websites blacklisted by the ZANU-PF government, a list that includes the Washington Post and CNN, as well as the personal...

Zimbabwe: commercially insane

  13 August 2007

The failure of the business community in Zimbabwe to confront Mugabe is “commercially insane”: Business has become the latest target of the Mugabe regime, and yet in the face of all of this, it remains reluctant to criticise or confront him directly. The Mail & Guardian recently leaked the contents...

Zimbabwe: Pol Pot revisited

  6 August 2007

What has Zimbabwe got to do with Cambodia?: “Zimbabwe suddenly looks like it has been in a war. The shops are empty, there is little traffic and everyone is walking around in a daze. People stop me and ask what is going on? Well just remember Pol Pot. He came...