· May, 2008

Stories about Zimbabwe from May, 2008

Zimbabwe: MDC activists arrested

  27 May 2008

Action Alert from Sokwanele in Zimbabwe: “3 MDC activists are at Bindura law and order and need lawyer today. Their names are Zivai Chimombe, Adimere Mudavanhu, Farink Mudavanhu”

Zimbabwe: Taking your power back

  16 May 2008

Taking power back to the people in Zimbabwe: “As Zimbabweans, we also have to start taking our power – from the politicians and unelected ministers and military authorities who are running the country instead of the democratically elected parliament.”

Zimbabwe: E-Cards For Democracy

  16 May 2008

Online activism using e-cards in Zimbabwe: “Sokwanele will be releasing regular e-card designs in the days leading up to the run-off election, now scheduled for June 27. We’d like to ask everyone around the world to join us and use them to help all Zimbabweans stay fully engaged with their...

Zimbabwe: Government newspaper website hacked?

  13 May 2008

Did someone hack the website of Zimbabwe's Herald newspaper?: “The Herald newspaper's website has been down since it was hacked over the weekend. Currently the website will re-direct you to the Sunday Mail website another arm of the government's propaganda machine. The state run Herald's website had all it's links...

Zimbabwe: Destruction of property and food

  13 May 2008

Post-election violence continues in Zimbabwe: “It is well known now that the homes and possessions of many people in the rural areas have been destroyed. These images were uploaded to our flickr account yesterday and show some of the destruction (for more, visit this set here).”

Zimbabwe: Conditions for a run-off

  11 May 2008

Morgan Tsvangirai to participate in the run-off in Zimbabwe: “This morning’s press conference saw Morgan Tsvangirai confirm that he would face Robert Mugabe in a run-off, but he has conditions which he says need to be met. We heard the news via sms.”

Zimbabwe: New bank notes….again!

Kogy has lost count of bank notes in Zimbabwe: “Anyone knows how many bank notes we now have in Zimbabwe? I have lost count the monetary situation has gone bananas in our beautiful land of milk and honey. The Reserve Bank governor Mt Gideon Gono has just announced the introduction...

Africa: Branding guns as roses

  7 May 2008

Khadija discusses US military interest in Africa: “According to the US African Command website, Somalia -– invaded by US backed Ethiopian troops in Jan 2007, under the guise of hunting Al–Qaeda –- is in desperate need of assistance.”

Zimbabwe: Political executions reported

  7 May 2008

Reports of political executions in Zimbabwe: “Last night we received unconfirmed reports that eight people were executed in Shamva. Their bodies are in the morgue, but their names are still unknown.”

Zimbabwe: Using New Technologies to Fight for Democracy

  6 May 2008

In countries such as Zimbabwe where media freedom is extremely restricted, new technologies have become powerful tools for political campaigning, communication, advocacy and mobilisation. Since Robert Mugabe turned the country into a dictatorship, bloggers and civic organisations have resorted to using new tools and applications such as blogs, Flickr, Facebook, SMS, YouTube and mashups to fight for democracy, media freedom and good governance.

Zimbabwe: Hey there! Mugabe is using Twitter

  6 May 2008

Online political jokes: So, Mugabe is twittering!: “meetings, meetings, meetings. very boring. 12:03 PM April 04, 2008 from web Ooooo, nervous morning. Sending the wife shopping. She is getting on my nerves. Thinking of shutting the electricity down for laughs. 09:21 AM April 01, 2008 from web”

Zimbabwe: The presidential poll numbers

  4 May 2008

Zimbabwe presidential poll numbers: “Here are the total counts per presidential candidate, according to The Herald. We were hoping to see the breakdown by constituency… but not yet it seems…”