· October, 2007

Stories about Zimbabwe from October, 2007

Africa: Militarization of Africa by USA

  22 October 2007

Alex analyzes the push by the US to re-militarize Africa: “Now in the age of a supposed ‘war on terror’ the US is propogating the re-militarization on Africa. Back in January I wrote about the birth of the African Command and past US/ CIA ventures in Africa.”

Zimbabwe: Eyes On Zimbabwe

  22 October 2007

“Eyes on Zimbabwe is a new feature on Zimbabwe on the Open Society Institute website. They are trying to raise awareness about the crisis in Zimbabwe in advance of Parliamentary, Presidential and local government elections to be held next year,” via Kubatana blog.

Zimbabwe: malnutrition on the rise

  10 October 2007

Dzimba post an article from Zimbabwe online about the worsening food situation in Zimbabwe: Most families of Harare’s nearly two million residents were surviving on one meal a day and malnutrition is on the rise in the Zimbabwean capital, a city nutritionist said on Tuesday.

Zimbabwe: What is 200,000 Zimbabwean dollars?

  9 October 2007

Edward Popoola asks, “how much is $200,000 worth?”: The same amount in Zimbabwe (the Zimbabwean dollars) is nothing but a worthless, piece of paper that amounts to like a 100 Nigerian Naira. Well, maybe not so worthless, it would get you a drop of water in a country plagued by...