· June, 2008

Stories about Zimbabwe from June, 2008

Zimbabwe: Mapping terror

  19 June 2008

Mapping terror in Zimbabwe: Sokwanele has mapped a sample of the cases based on recorded first hand testimony from victims, and the interactive map so far bears witness to over 1,000 confirmed experiences of terror and intimidation.

Zimbabwe: Help a Zimbabwean return home to vote

  19 June 2008

A campaign to help Zimbabweans abroad return home to vote: Sponsorship options include assisting an employee with a return ticket, paying for one or more seats on a bus via the www.votezim.com website, or even sponsoring an entire bus.

Zimbabwe: Murders and violence

  19 June 2008

Violence and murders continue in Zimbabwe: Four MDC youths were this morning found dead after Zanu PF and state security agents had abducted them in Chitungwiza yesterday morning.

Zimbabwe: WOZA members released

  17 June 2008

Members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise have been released from prison: Eleven of the 14 WOZA members arrested on 28th May 2008 were finally released from remand prison on bail on Friday evening (13th June) after 17 days in custody.

Zimbabwe: Morgan Tsvangirai campaign on Google Earth

  15 June 2008

Morgan Tsvangirai campaign in Zimbabwe on Google Earth: “I’ve compiled Morgan Tsvangirai’s campaign from June 2nd until yesterday, with information on campaign stops, detentions by police, vehicle impoundments, and references to all information from on-line news sources. I’ll update it as required. The tour will take you round parts of...

Zimbabwe: In the words of the people

  15 June 2008

In the words of Zimbabweans: “Can someone help As I am writing this mail there is massive killing of people for political affiliation reasons, destruction of houses and ploughing down of crops in Mutambara Gonzoni area. Can anyone please help STOP this wave of political violence.”

Zimbabwe: MDC General Secretary arrested

  12 June 2008

Crackdown on the opposition in Zimbabwe: “MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti has just been arrested at Harare International Airport upon arrival”: this is a short press release just received via email. We don’t have any more information than this at the moment, but as soon as we do we’ll let...

Zimbabwe: Operation pull down your satellite dish

  11 June 2008

The ruling party in Zimbabwe hates satellite dishes!:”The Zimbabwean government has announced the beginning of yet another operation designed to oppress the people of Zimbabwe. Under Operation Dzikisai Madhishi (Operation pull down your satellite dish) the regime is forcing Zimbabweans to pull down their home satellite dishes through which the...

Zimbabwe: Election violence continues

  10 June 2008

Election violence continues in Zimbabwe: “Whilst Mugabe fiddles about food in Rome, Zimbabwe is burning. With three weeks till the run off, the election violence continues. The images from a petrol bomb attack in Zaka support with the reports we received below, from an MDC supporter in Masvingo Province.”

Zimbabwe: Business Watch

  10 June 2008

Zimbabwe Business Watch: “The economy is in real free fall right now as inflation accelerates rapidly making life almost unbearable. It is predicted that by the end of the month, prices could be doubling everyday. As an indication to this, the USD traded at 1, 4 billion to 1 on...

Zimbabwe: x1000 and x1,000,000

  3 June 2008

What is x1000 and x1,000,000?: “x1000 and x1,000,000 : everyone in Zim will know what this means. It appears on signs everywhere on cash registers, scales and invoices. What this means is that you take the amount displayed or recorded and multiply by one thousand (add three zeros) or one...

Guinea: Old man and the sea

  3 June 2008

Africa Flak discusses politics in Guinea comparing it to Zimbabwe: “There’s a part of me that has to hand it to Lansana Conte and his henchmen in Guinea Conakry. Like Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, he’s used his country’s wealth – in his case minerals like bauxite and...