· January, 2009

Stories about Zimbabwe from January, 2009

Jamaica, Zimbabwe: Hunger Strike

  29 January 2009

“Do people in Jamaica and the Caribbean care enough about events in Zimbabwe to lend their help to this call for moral action?”: Annie Paul has a friend who is on a hunger strike to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe and tells us how we can help.

Africa: Of Investments and Trade in Africa

  29 January 2009

Yangu discusses the future of trade and investment on the African continent. He argues that, “That Investment opportunities in Africa have expanded over the past few years is no longer a matter of conjecture but rather an issue that a lot of analysts, venture capitalists and investors at large are...

Two-year old toddler in solitary confinement in a Zimbabwe prison

  13 January 2009

Two year old Nigel Mutemagau is being kept in solitary confinement in Zimbabwe’s most notorious prison with his parents and other abducted activists such as Zimbabwe Peace Project director Jestina Mukoko. A petition has been launched for the release of the minor, who seems to have been beaten while in prison and needs medical attention.

Zimbabwe: Left to die by the roadside

  12 January 2009

“Dead by the roadside,” writes Fungisai on Kubatana blog, “A pitiable sight of a young girl aged around six to seven years, seated by the roadside, with a huge black bungle lying on her thighs caught my attention. The young girl was seated in an awkward area, in the middle...

Zimbabwe: Running out of money and zeroes

  11 January 2009

World Bank economist and blogger Shanta Devarajan of the Africa Can blog, posted a letter sent by a friend in Zimbabwe describing the long lines at the ATM's and banks to withdraw money. On the other hand, This is Zimbabwe describes the confusion people experience with zeroes, since everything costs...

South Africa: Why condemning Israel is wrong

  11 January 2009

Justin Hartman is upset about the ANC, the ruling South African party, condemning the attacks on Gaza by Israel: “…this upsets me is because our leaders are quick to jump on this political band-wagon while they’ve done absolutely nothing about the bigger problem just outside our borders – Zimbabwe. Why...

Zimbabwe: January blog roundup

  5 January 2009

As shown by this roundup, most bloggers in Zimbabwe at the beginning of this new year are concerned with the economic and social situation in the country. Others are still following the court case of the abducted human rights activist Jestina Mukoko, who is facing charges of training bandits to topple Robert Mugabe's government.

Zimbabwe: A promise for 2009

  4 January 2009

Hope of This is Zimbabwe shares a recent story in which a little girl was begging drivers to help her take her grandmother to the hospital, and she makes a promise for 2009: not to give up.