· November, 2005

Stories about Zimbabwe from November, 2005

Zimbabwe: Hijack

30 November 2005

This is Zimbabwe writes on a near miss “hijack” …..Today I came close to being hijacked. I got the fright of my life. Two cars were waiting facing opposite directions, and as I came past the one did a ‘u’ turn and followed me and the other followed as well....

Africa: Western media reports

29 November 2005

Zimbabwean blogger Dumisani Nyoni, writing on Dumisani's Blog, offers a criticism of Western media interpretatons of Africa particularly Simon Robinson of Time Magazine (European edition)……”finally, why are these journalists [Michael Wines of the NY Times fame, as well as Rachel Swans and many others who write for different newspapers as...

Voices from Zimbabwe Plus

  29 November 2005

The people of Zimbabwe gave the ruling ZANU-PF and indeed all forms of purposeless politics their boldest affront to date as very few Zimbabweans turned up to vote during the senate elections held over the weekend. At some polling stations, only 6% percent of eligible voters showed indicating the undisputable...

Zimbabwe: election apathy

28 November 2005

This is Zimbabwe writes about the lack of participation in Zimbabwe's elections….“I can’t help but be reminded today of the words of Elie Wiesel, winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1986: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference”. Perhaps mugabe should take note of our apathy...

Zimbabwe: Mugabe and Bush

25 November 2005

Zimbabwean Pundit posts out the ongoing war of words between Mugabe and Bush……..”In a public battle of wills, Mugabe continues to blame the sanctions for the rapid contraction of Zimbabwe's economy. Bush on the other hand insists the sanctions are not intended to harm Zimbabwean people”

Zimbabwe: voter apathy

24 November 2005

Zimbabwean Pundit trys to explain voter apathy in Zimbabwe's forth coming elections…..Understand this reader dearest; it is not that we don't care about democracy or having the right politicians in place or any other high sounding question you may want to throw at us. No, our nonchalence is evidence only...

Zimbabwe: Destruction and misery

23 November 2005

Eddie Cross writing for Zimbabwean Pundit describes the last 6 years in the life of Zimbabwe as a “Tidal Wave of Destruction and Misery”……A Zanu PF Tsunami! Looking back on the past 6 years, we could say that about the whole sorry story of Zimbabwe. After 20 years of independence...

Zimbabwe: Nuclear Power

22 November 2005

This is Zimbabwe reports on Mugabe's latest “if pigs could fly” idea – bringing nuclear power to Zimbabwe. He quotes a piece from the UK Guardian..”“Perhaps Mr Mugabe is also trying to get Zimbabwe to be considered as a strategically important state in the international community,” said Mr Robertson. “He...

Voices from Zimbabwe Plus

  22 November 2005

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe took center stage a couple of times at WSIS in Tunis last week. First up was Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's president calling for an end to the use of the internet against the freedom of lesser developed countries by developed nations. “These last two years have shown us how...

Zimbabwe: Rape of girls

21 November 2005

This is Zimbabwe has a horrific report on the huge numbers of girls that are raped annully in Zimbabwe……”In Zimbabwe, 40 000 girls are raped annually before they turn 17,” Makoni said. “Every day, the Girl Child Network receives at least one report of a girl below 16 who’s been...

Zimbabwe: Democracy

21 November 2005

Zimbabwean Pundit points us to an article in the Zimbabwe Independent ” Why Zimbabweans dont deserve democracy”.

WSIS: Defending Freedom of Speech in Tunisia

  17 November 2005

Despite the odds, we managed to pull off our “Expression Under Repression” seminar here at the World Summit For Internet and Society. This was largely thanks to the strong spine of our sponsors, the Dutch NGO Hivos, who fended off a phalanx of plainclothes police who tried to shut us...

Zimbabwe: climate change

17 November 2005

Eddie Cross writing in Zimbabwean Pundit discusses the possible impact of climate change on local agribusnesses and peasant farming….”Climate change will further damage the prospects of the subsistence sector. These farmers, some 800 000 of them – mostly women, do not produce significant surpluses and with the growth in urban...

Zimbabwe: evictions

16 November 2005

The Bearded Man has various reports from Zimbabwe – Mugabe dishing out free maize ahead of a local by-election and evicts 250 people despite a court order to the contrary.

Zimbabwe Action Alert

15 November 2005

Sokwanele – This is Zimbabwe has an action alert in respect of the ” arbitrary detention of Mrs. Netsai Mushonga the Coordinator of the Women’s Coalition, an umbrella body of women’s rights groups in Zimbabwe.”

Voices From Zimbabwe Plus

  15 November 2005

Zimbabwe:This is Zimbabwe in Surviving Zimbabwean Democracy presents a summary of the major arguments for and against the MDC's participation in the senate elections which a are now under two weeks away. Disturbed by the failure of many pundits to decipher just how mundane and cruel implications of an election...

Zimbabwe: life in Harare

14 November 2005

Harare Diary by Fire Pussy is thinking that living in Zimbabwe is like living in a constant state of “maybe” where failure has become a way of life. “When you wake up you don’t know whether you’ll have running water, electricity, or fuel. Whether, on your way to the office,...

Africa: Western ambassadors

11 November 2005

Zimbabwean Pundit quotes Pan-Africanist writer, Baffour Ankomah, who “irked by the constant delvings of western ambassadors in Africa wants to know what Africa's diplomats in the west are doing that comparable”, comments “I don’t understand why Western ambassadors and their subsidiary diplomats in Africa are free to pronounce on, and...

Zimbabwe: US ambassador

10 November 2005

Zimbabwean social justice blog, Sokwanele, reports on the public rebuking of the US Ambassador, Christopher Dell, by Robert Mugabe. Mugabe accused the ambassador of “inappropriate behaviour” for what he saw as a criticism of his government. To justify the governments action the state controlled newspaper had the nerve to quote...

Zimbabwe: civil society demonstrations

7 November 2005

Zimbabwean Pundit reports on the weekends demonstrations by a coalition of civic action groups “National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), and the heavy handed response of Mugabe's security forces. On “Saturday, police used teargas to break up protests in the five major cities by members of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) civic...