· March, 2009

Stories about Zimbabwe from March, 2009

Zimbabwe: My Blog is Blocked!

  30 March 2009

On Friday March 20, 2009 the Zimbabwean blog, Peace, love & happiness unto the whole world, was blocked. The author of the blog, Eusebia, wrote a short post about it saying, "I have not idea why my blog is being blocked...I refuse to be censored or cowered into silence by anyone because I know my human right of freedom of expression..."

Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe in a bullet-proof vest

  17 March 2009

Denford Magora reports that Mugabe put on a bullet-proof vest to visit Morgan Tsvangirai at the Avenues clinic, “If you go back to the footage of Mugabe visiting with Tsvangirai, now armed with this new insight, you will notice that Mugabe's suit bulges out and is straighter than normal, almost...

Zimbabwe: Media Blackout On Opposition Ministers?

  9 March 2009

What will the the future of the relationship between journalists and the opposition in Zimbabwe?, “Zimbabwe journalists left The Avenues clinic in Harare where human rights activists are being admitted because two MDC ministers wanted them out. Finance minister Tendai Biti and ICT minister Nelson Chamisa had ordered the journalists...

Zimbabwe: Marechera's Love Sonnets

  3 March 2009

Eshuneutics continues with her discussion of Dambudzo Marechera's Love Sonnets. Part 7 of her posts discusses the introduction to Amelia Sonnets, which begins with the statement, “Every act of love is a recapitulation of the whole history of human emotion.” Marechera was Zimbabwean author.

Zimbabwe: On Morgan Tsvangirai New Mercedes Benz

  3 March 2009

This is what Zimbabwean blogger Denford thinks of Morgan Tsvangirai new Mercedes Benz, “These are state vehicles, which means the country is spending money on things like this while it goes begging for handouts outside the country. If I were a donor, I would see no reason to reward such...