· February, 2011

Stories about Zimbabwe from February, 2011

Africa: Let's Talk About African Governments

  28 February 2011

lgazissax discusses African governments: “The uprisings in northern Africa and the Middle East had gotten me wondering about certain things I’d read about problems of African government in general, and I wanted to see how they played out in different countries.”

Zimbabwe: Revolution in Zimbabwe will fail

  24 February 2011

A Zimbabwean student explains why a revolution in Zimbabwe is destined to fail: “Positing the possibility of a popular revolt in Zimbabwe is guardedly optimistic at best, wilfully naive at worst.”

Zimbabwe: Zanu PF activates brutal campaign

  7 February 2011

Brutal campaign by followers of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe has started: “ZANU PF is already testing the effectiveness of its bloody election machinery in Harare. Last week there were brutal attacks against MDC supporters in Harare suburbs of Budiriro and Mbare.”

Zimbabwe: Meet Zimbabwean blogger and poet, Mcgini Nyoni

  7 February 2011

Zimbabweans are leaving their mark in the world of blogs and other social media tools. Zimbabwean blogger, poet, playwright and writing instructor, Mcgini Nyoni, is not an exception. Mcgini is the Creative Director of the project Poetry Bulawayo. Here is an email interview I recently conducted with him.

Africa: The fate of political vultures

  4 February 2011

Zimbabwean blogger Chris Kabwato discusses the fate of political vultures: “Dictators are pseudo-intellectuals who have to invent some type of nationalism. They disguise their acts under the guise of sense of preserving tradition or returning to some African roots.”

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean, Facebook and new meaning of “friend”

  1 February 2011

Zimbabwean, Facebook and the changing meaning of “friend” and “community”:”…in my adult life I get perplexed when I receive an e-mail from someone I barely know asking me to be their friend. The word friend seems to have mutated to the point where I am lost.