· August, 2006

Stories about Zimbabwe from August, 2006

Zimbabwe: Mugabe's security expenses slammed

  29 August 2006

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has been on a spending spree, bulking out his motorcade with brand new outrider motorcycles and Mercedes saloons. “Now, in a country where there is no war, no threat to his life as he has such a tight control over everything, is it necessary to travel...

Zimbabwe: Refugees suffer in South Africa

  28 August 2006

This is Zimbabwe highlighted the plight of Zimbabwean refugees who had been driven by thirst to steal water from a South African farm. “[The farmer's] anger began to change to empathy as he began to come across more and more wretched people that had died as a result of attacks...

Africa: Is the Battle against AIDS Lost?

  23 August 2006

Forum Realisance believes (Fr) former colonial powers and pharmaceutical companies are partially to blame for the AIDS crisis but saves harsher words for Africans and failed African leaders: ” Ignorance and illiteracy reproduce AIDS blindly without the least use for reason. Isn't it sacred and legitimate to protect oneself? Why...

Global Food Blog Report #28

  15 August 2006

#1: From Tanzania, MiRecipe.com spices up the day with an incredible easy and delicious recipe to prepare "Chatini Ya Ukwaju" (Tamarind Chutney). It is great with bread, and a tasty addition to your salad, fish or chicken dishes. Recipe in EN and Swahili. Get the recipe now! #2: From Germany,...