· April, 2008

Stories about Zimbabwe from April, 2008

Zimbabwe: Pay Day Facts

  30 April 2008

Pay day in Zimbabwe: “Today is pay day. I received a gross wage of just under $860 million. I also received benefits being $400 million dollars as a transport allowance and $67 million as a housing allowance. These benefits were awarded by the government as some sort of assistance towards...

Zimbabwe: Election humour on YouTube

  30 April 2008

Ethan writes “Dark humor about Zimbabwe”: “You might have missed it, because I buried it at the bottom of the last (long) post. What follows below is a very funny radio segment from a South African morning comedy show.”

Zimbabwe: 16 flavours of mutilation

  30 April 2008

Bev Clark's 16 flavours of mutilation in Zimbabwe: “So if independent monitors and Mugabe’s allies agree that neither candidate got over 50% then announce the results already! On the up-side we have Tsvangirai and Mutambara joining forces; Zimbabwe’s version of the dream ticket? We have had numerous SMS’ and emails...

Zimbabwe: Will Malawi clear Zimbabwe's arms?

  29 April 2008

Will Malawi clear Zimbabwe's arms?: “The Nyasa Times has this report today and it seems a lot more plausible to me than yesterday’s Hollywood-style information regarding Venezula…”

Zimbabwe: Government of National Unity?

  28 April 2008

Zimbabweans speaking about Government of National Unity: “We’ve received a flood of replies, particularly via SMS, with voices against a government of national unity out numbering those in favour of it by about 10:1.”

Zimbabwe: Truth and Justice Coalition

  28 April 2008

There is Truth and Justice Coalition in Zimbabwe: “The Institute for a Democratic Alternative for Zimbabwe (IDAZIM) has initiated, with full support from civil society, labour and legal organizations, the Truth and Justice Coalition on Zimbabwe. Its objectives are to identify perpetrators and seek legal redress for the victims of...

Zimbabwe: Post-election violence on the rise

  26 April 2008

The election crisis in Zimbabwe continues: there are reports from the mainstream media, bloggers and human rights organisations about state organised post-election violence against supporters of the opposition, the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has left the country for Botswana fearing for his life and the “ship of evil” continues to draw bloggers' attention.

Barbados, Jamaica: Up In Arms

  24 April 2008

“Twenty-eight years after Bob performed ‘Zimbabwe’, Robert Mugabe is still holding on desperately to power and it seems that he will use any tactic necessary to continue his dictatorship. Now the Chinese are involved”: Both Bajan Global Report and Jamaican Geoffrey Philp blog about an alleged Chinese arms shipment to...

Zimbabwe: Politics of change or change of politics?

  23 April 2008

Zimpundit blogs for Pajama Media discussing the political situation in Zimbabwe: “While journalists, bloggers, and activists chronicled the dilemma of a nation that voted for the politics of change, the more significant undercurrent — that of Zimbabweans voting for a change in Zimbabwean politics — seems to have been lost...

Zimbabwe: The Inconvenient Truth

  23 April 2008

The Inconvenient Truth is a report by The Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA) about elections in Zimbabwe: “The 15 page report is titled ‘The Inconvenient Truth: A complete guide to the delay in releasing the results of Zimbabwe’s presidential poll.’, and can be downloaded in .pdf format from...

China: Netizens defend Zimbabwe arms sales

  23 April 2008

As China's latest shipment of weapons and ammunition sits stranded off the coast of southeastern Africa and president Mugabe of landlocked Zimbabwe digs in against accusations of a fixed election, the majority of Chinese netizens are defending their government's arms sales to the country, at the same time accusing the US and its allies of double standards.

Zimbabwe: Who wants to be the president of this country?

  21 April 2008

Township Vibes wonders who would want to become the president of Zimbabwe: “Today the Zimbabwean dollar is trading at $200 million to £1. Yes that's true, 200 million dollars for one British pound. Not at all surprising to most Zimbabweans. The Zimbabwean dollar as well as the whole economy has...

Malawian Bloggers Discuss The Zimbabwe Crisis

  21 April 2008

As bloggers from across Africa write about the elections crisis in Zimbabwe, Malawian bloggers join in the condemnation of the delay in releasing the election results, with at least one blogger pointing to the one-sided nature of the discussions on the causes of Zimbabwe’s economic and political problems.

Zimbabwe: Chinese troops Mutare?

  20 April 2008

Curly wonders what the Chinese troops are doing in Zimbabwe: “These blue suited marathon running highly trained policemen probably know the identities of the Chinese troops who have been reported as being seen on the streets of Mutare in Zimbabwe, after checking into a hotel resplendent with nice shining pistols....

Zimbabwe: The endless game

  20 April 2008

Ethan discusses “the endeless game” in Zimbabwe: “It’ not very often that I find myself siding with Condoleeaza Rice. But she’s right – it’s embarrasing that the African continent’s leaders haven’t put more pressure on Robert Mugabe to step down… or at least to release election results.”

Zimbabwe: Take Action Against Chinese Ship Carrying Arms

  20 April 2008

Call to action to stop a Chinese ship carrying arms destined for Zimbabwe: “Please can all those amazing people who have been following this issue – finding contact email addresses and brainstorming ideas – leave consolidated comments at the end of this post bringing us up to speed on what...

Zimbabwe: Play your liberation songs at high volume

  20 April 2008

Zimbabwe Independence Day Message: “Actions: Create your own ways of taking back Independence Day. * Switch off ZBC/TV. * Don’t buy state controlled newspapers. * Play your own liberation songs at high volume. * Write a letter to the editors of local and regional newspapers . . .”

South Africa: Mbeki, No Crisis in Zimbabwe?

  18 April 2008

South African Bloggers are up in arms regarding the recent events in Zimbabwe as well as President Thabo Mbeki's statement recently that “There is no crisis in Zimbabwe”. This is a round-up of a few rants on the Zimbabwe situation and its affect on South Africans.

Trinidad & Tobago, USA, Africa, Italy: Religion & Politics

  16 April 2008

Notes from Port of Spain weighs in on everything from the Pope's visit to the US: “It's not enough for the Pope to be ‘ashamed’ of his American paedophile priests…he also has to do something about them” to international politics: “It's a lesson to every crook in office or aspiring...