· September, 2005

Stories about Zimbabwe from September, 2005

Zimbabwe: Whither democratic change?

30 September 2005

Top opposition political adviser Eddie Cross, guest-blogging on Zimbabwean Pundit, looks at the moribund state of the political opposition in Burma (Myanmar) after 17 years of campaigning for change, and wonders: “Are we destined for a similar fate?”

Zimbabwe: Senate elections

28 September 2005

Zimpundit comments on the decision of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to field candidates for forthcoming senate elections in Zimbabwe; gloomily he cites a proverb from his birthplace about “cows that defiantly rush to a river/watering hole with little regard for how many of their kin crocodiles have...

Zimbabwe: Government scandals

27 September 2005

Zimpundit gives a long and detailed round-up of the latest news from Zimbabwe's scandal-hit ruling party.

South Africa: Potato famine

  26 September 2005

Commentary.co.za wryly notes a recent comment from Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe: “We have heaps of potatoes but [the] people [of Zimbabwe] are not potato eaters.”

Zimbabwe: Remembering Memory

26 September 2005

“Who will remember Memory?”, asks Faithful at Sokwanele, referring to the baby daughter of a Zimbabwean man whose home was destroyed by the government of President Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe: Farm manager beaten

23 September 2005

Zimpundit rails against the beating by a gang of armed men of white farm manager Allan Warner, quoting Martin Luther King Jr.: “Are we any better than they are if we treat them like they've treated us?”

Zimbabwe: Simmering resentments

21 September 2005

Zimpundit warns the Zimbabwean government that it faces “impending rage” from its people, and highlights rumors that President Robert Mugabe is preparing the ground to stay on past his promised retirement in 2008.

Zimbabwe: Post-dramatic stress syndrome

20 September 2005

Zimpundit deconstructs his country's political drama (“the drama that is no longer a drama”), President Robert Mugabe's visit to the United Nations, and consequently his own political commentary.

Zimbabwe: Grass roots action

16 September 2005

Sokwanele Civic Action posts a story about a Christian activist engaged in helping forced evictees in Matabeleland, who has a brush with the law, with a somewhat unexpected outcome.

Zimbabwe: IMF cliffhanger

15 September 2005

Zimpundit posts an analysis by top political adviser Eddie Cross on Zimbabwe's chances of getting kicked out of the International Monetary Fund for not servicing its debts.

Zimbabwe: Constitutional amendments

12 September 2005

Black Star Journal, commenting on the recent constitutional amendments in Zimbabwe, says the government of President Robert Mugabe has turned the country into “one, giant prison camp”.

Zimbabwe: Human Right Watch report

12 September 2005

Human Rights Watch releases a statement on its new report into recent events in Zimbabwe, saying that the government of President Robert Mugabe has violated the human rights of hundreds of thousands of its citizens.

Zimbabwe: The word on the street

9 September 2005

Zimpundit interviews people on the streets of Harare about the government's recent move to double fuel prices, and its impact on their daily lives.

Zimbabwe: Free market advocate

7 September 2005

Zimpundit points out that the Zimbabwean finance minister is a proponent of free-market economic policies, and is trying to persuade President Robert Mugabe to try freeing prices.

Zimbabwe: Why Mugabe paid up

5 September 2005

Zimpundit analyses the decision by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to make a debt repayment to the International Monetary Fund.

Zimbabwe: Comparison with Hitler

5 September 2005

Cane Rat, writing on the Sokwanele Civic Action Support Group blog, likens Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to Hitler just before he lost the war.

Zimbabwe: Beauty contests

2 September 2005

Black Looks points out the incongruity of a televised beauty contest in Zimbabwe amid mass government-backed demolitions of shanty towns and other human rights abuses.