· December, 2010

Stories about Zimbabwe from December, 2010

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's model constitution

  10 December 2010

Zimbabwe's model constitution: “We have just included all the content from the Model Constitution compiled by the Law Society of Zimbabwe into our indexed online constitution resource. Visitors to our site are now able to browse through this lengthy document”

Zimbabwe: Geared up for another election

  9 December 2010

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights launched a report today titled Zimbabwe: Geared up for another election. The report is a follow up to another ZHLR report titled Will there be free and fair elections?

Africa: Living in compromise

  8 December 2010

Can you be an African woman, a feminist and an African feminist?: “I think many African women, like my mother and even myself have struggled, or are struggling with the notions of being an African woman, a feminist and an African Feminist. We struggle to translate an academic concept into...

Zimbabwe: Once upon a Christmas

  3 December 2010

Once upon a Christmas in Zimbabwe: “Drinks at this time of the year could be quite unique – Bols Brandy mixed with coke and milk (was this our version of Amarula before Amarula)? For those on an economy budget – sorghum beer mixed with fresh cream. The outcome of these...