· November, 2007

Stories about Zimbabwe from November, 2007

Zimbabwe: Is there international airport in Zimbabwe?

  28 November 2007

Kubatana blog writes, Welcome to Zimbabwe: “I was at Harare International Airport yesterday. With Zambia Airways deciding to withdraw their services, our description of our airport being international is largely attributed to the fact that South African Airways and Kenya Airways still find it worthwhile flying into Zimbabwe.”

Mozambique: Tribute to Ian Smith

  22 November 2007

“Ian Smith died today at the age of 88 in Cape Town. The man who fought the English over the independence of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). For he is a true African Hero (there are also blond Africans!), we celebrate the man who still young went to Europe to fight Hitler and...

Zimbabwe: Pliz, Mugabe must go now!

  8 November 2007

A protestor in Zimbabwe holds a banner, which reads, “Pliz Mugabe must go now people are starving“: We’ve added images of a small protest in Zimbabwe, sent to us by a subscriber, to our flickr account. You can see the thumbnails in the far right column of our blog, but...