· January, 2006

Stories about Zimbabwe from January, 2006

Zimbabwe: going hungry

31 January 2006

This is Zimbabwe comments on the lack of compassion and failure to manage crisis by Zanu-PF….

African Music Roundup

  31 January 2006

What is African hip hop? From Nairobi to Dakar hip hop has caught the imagination of the youth producing so many rap crews, breakers and all round b-boys. Some argue it's roots go back to the days of the African Griot, others argue its a unique African American experience. Whatever...

Zimbabwe: IMF

30 January 2006

Eddie Cross writing in Zimbabwean Pundit questions the repayment of millions of US$ to the IMF which they do not need and which could have been used by Zimbabwe….”We could have imported enough liquid fuels to overcome the persistent fuel shortages that are crippling our public transport system and pushing...

Zimbabwe: Things fall apart

26 January 2006

Zimbabwean Pundit comments on the governor of Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank who is trying “ineffectively” to bring down inflation. He wonders if the governor and other chefs (leaders) were listening ~”to shy away from the avarious lifestyles”..

Zimbabwe: abnormal living

25 January 2006

This is Zimbabwe explains the condition of “normality” in an abnormal environment….”When did you last feel free to discuss the political situation with a stranger in an Emergency Taxi? (Instead we hide what we really think, and just complain in private”

Zimbabwe: demise of sport

24 January 2006

Zimbabwean Pundit guest writer, Eddie Cross writes on the “Demise of Sport in Zimbabwe….This past week has seen Zimbabwe withdraw from world-class test cricket or face expulsion. It is a tragedy and one that could have easily been avoided and instead turned into a great morale boosting championship saga that...

Zimbabwe: Learning Chinese

23 January 2006

The Bearded Man provides his daily roundup of Zimbabwe which includes a report that the government intends to impose Mandarin on Zimbabwean university students.…..”Now, given that Sindebele, Shona or English are serious tongue twisters depending on where you originate from and grew up, I envisage that Chinese will cause more...

Zimbabwe–Great Lakes Blog Roundup

  23 January 2006

Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe, the last of Africa's “big men” turns 82 late next month. Members of the ruling ZANU-PF have begun murmuring about ambitous plans for an extravagant birthday bash despite the failing economy and famished population. The silver lining in Zimbabwe's dark cloud is that the rainy season has...

Zimbabwe: MDC split

17 January 2006

The Zimbabwean Pundit comments on the split in the Movement for Democratic Change (Zimbabwe's main opposition party) …”The struggle in the MDC is not about elections, it is a battle for the control of the heart and soul of the party. As long democracy is based on public sentiment, Tsvangirai...

Zimbabwe: SA Citizenship

  12 January 2006

African Blogs comments on a report that Zimbabwean women are going to South Africa to give birth so their children will have SA citizenship.

Zimbabwe: Economy in 2006

10 January 2006

This is Zimbabwe considers the situation with Zimbabwe's economy in 2006….”Will we see any improvement to our standard of living?” “What about the exchange rate?” “And the promised new currency?”

Zimbabwe: MDC?

10 January 2006

The Bearded Man points to the main headlines of the day in Zimbabwe from “Zimbabwe normality is misery “to “Fiddling while Zimbabwe burns Shenanigans” which asks what is wrong with the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change)

Zimbabwe:women's coop

9 January 2006

Timbuktu Chronicles reports on a women's cooperative in Zimbabwe…”who have been able to improve their families’ quality of living by making peanut butter…they produce peanut butter that is as good, if not better, than mainstream producers yet sells for 15% less in the local stores and two supermarkets”

Zimbabwe: Disgraceful Bishop

6 January 2006

This is Zimbabwe comments on the corrupt activities of the Bishop of Harare, a supporter of Mugabe's ZANU-PF party. “In short, the conduct of this delinquent bishop raises very serious questions for the Anglican Church. Given that the incitement to murder and other charges against Kunonga have now been dropped...

Zimbabwe & the African Union

6 January 2006

Black Star Journal comments on the African Union finally taking a stance against Mugabe's government…”Last month, the African Commission on Human and People's Rights adopted a resolution denouncing the lamentable human rights’ situation in Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabwe: African leaders criticise Mugabe

5 January 2006

Yebo Gogo comments that finally African leaders are speaking out against Mugabe….”The report (Lonodn Guardian) says “the continuing violations and the deterioration of the human rights situation in Zimbabwe, the lack of respect for the rule of law and the growing culture of impunity.”

Zimbabwe in 2005

4 January 2006

Cry Beloved Zimbabwe reveiws the year in Zimbabwe which he describes as Annus Horribillis…..Amongst the events that made 2005 unbearable for Zimbabweans was the destruction of homes and livelihoods of 2.7 million people during the still ongoing operation murambatsvina (Shona for drive out filth). The split of the only viable...

Zimbabwe; Hope in 2006

4 January 2006

Hope in Zimbabwe in 2006 is the New Year post by This is Zimbabwe who laments on the closing down of fellow Zimbabwean blogger, Abolish the Mugabe Regime……I have signed all my posts on this blog under the pseudonym ‘Hope’, and I guess the fact that I carry on writing...

Zimbabwe: Best blog stories

1 January 2006

The Paradise Lost Podcast links to the Zimbabwean blogs of 2005 and the best of the year's stories..

Unravelling Zimbabwe

1 January 2006

Yebo Gogo points to an article in the Sunday Times ” that provides a “crash course in unravelling Zimbabwe…