· July, 2008

Stories about Zimbabwe from July, 2008

Zimbabwe: Reacting to mid-term budget statement

  30 July 2008

Zimbabwean blogger's reaction to mid-term budget statement, This blogger listened to the radio today in amazement…Part one aired on the radio this morning was a brief monetary statement from Gono – a digestible 20 minutes. Part two was a long, boring, dragged out drone from Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe: On the soaring inflation

  25 July 2008

Zimbabwe, that was once one of the richest countries in Africa, at present finds itself falling into economic chaos with inflation reaching record levels, and with zeroes being regularly added to the currency. Bloggers comment on the grim situation, its causes and consequences.

Serbia: African Bloggers’ Reactions to Karadžić's Arrest

After news broke on Monday night that former Bosnian Serb leader and one of the world’s most wanted men Radovan Karadžić had been arrested, astonished bloggers in the Balkans and all around the world started reacting to the story. And because of the recent request by the ICC's prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo to indict Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, some bloggers have been making comparisons between the two cases.

Zimbabwe, Iran: Regime similarities

Plateu of Iran posts an article by Hassan Daioleslam comparing Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe with the Iranian regime, which he describes as an “eye-opener for the appeasers, apologists or just those unaware of the reality of the Islamic Republic of Iran regime”.

Zimbabwe: Fear and indifference

  22 July 2008

A beautiful gift shares his impressions on the situation Zimbabwe after his recent visit to see his family: “I have heard a lot say western media […] exaggerate about the situation in Zimbabwe. On the contrary I now am convinced that western media understate the gravity of the situation in...

Zimbabwe: On the rapidly eroding value of money

  19 July 2008

Chipo at Sokwanele's This is Zimbabwe blog, expresses his anger about the current inflation situation in the country: “Last week chaos reigned again as the banks were choc-a-block with transfers. Delays became longer and longer. Salaries and wages were not honored. And while the banks were busy “processing”, the value...

Zimbabwe: Of molesters and voters

  16 July 2008

Marko Phiri at the Kubatana blog draws a parallel between those that justify sexual harrassment to women by the way they look or dress, with the current political situation in Zimbabwe where “women and children have ‘invited’ the wrath of Zanu PF militias by simply voting for a party of...

China: Why did China veto sanctions against Zimbabwe?

  14 July 2008

Independent blogger Ruan Yifeng on Beijing's relationship with repressive governments: "What's more, while Beijing plays the role of "friend to the dictators" in negotiations with the US, it also stands to gain from the spoils. The North Korean nuclear crisis is a perfect example."

Jamaica: Just a Cartoon?

  4 July 2008

A caricature depicting Robert Mugabe as King Kong gets the attention of Jamaican blogger My View of JamDown from Up So. Is it just a harmless political cartoon, he asks, or a racist portrayal of the Zimbabwe President?