· August, 2005

Stories about Zimbabwe from August, 2005

Zimbabwe: Totalitarian dream

31 August 2005

Under constitutional changes just signed into law by President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabweans will not be allowed to travel freely if they are deemed “a threat to national security”, laments Zimpundit.

Zimbabwe: Constitutional changes

29 August 2005

Zimpundit foresees further erosion of property rights and other potential abuses resulting from the proposed 17th amendment to Zimbabwe's constitution.

South Africa: Sinking together

  26 August 2005

“You are sinking, President Mbeki,” says Africa-related blogger Bosse, of Bosses Blog, regarding the South African government's response to mass demolitions in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: Opposition leader goes ‘back to masses’

25 August 2005

Zimpundit asks if opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has seen the light with his plan to travel around the country soliciting the views of ordinary people on how to remove the government of President Robert Mugabe from power.

Zimbabwe: Growing Chinese influence

24 August 2005

Zimpundit says it took a while to dawn on China that the West's prosperity was built on a network of colonial power, but that Beijing is catching on fast now.

Zimbabwe: Unreal sense of calm

24 August 2005

Still Here – Bulawayo, at the Sokwanele Civic Action Group, blogs from amid the comfort of electricity and running water about a growing sense of unreality as “untold suffering” continues.

Zimbabwe: Witness to demolitions

21 August 2005

Mostly Africa appreciates the honesty of Zimbabwean writer Ian Holding's eyewitness account of government-backed demolitions, but thinks he comes across as callous.

Ethiopia: Wake up, Zimbabwe

  18 August 2005

Friends of Ethiopa posts extracts from a speech slamming Western inconsistencies on matters of human rights in African countries, among other things.

Bringing out the dead in Harare

  15 August 2005

Flame Lily writes on the Sokwanele Civic Action Support Group blog how she saw Zimbabwean police drag a body out of a ditch where those made homeless by the government's mass demolitions of shanty-towns had been sleeping.

Zimbabwe: Isn't it ironic?

12 August 2005

The Zimbabwean Pundit on the irony that Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe refuses to engage his fellow Africans and will only speak with Tony Blair.

Zimbabwe: No Fourth Estate?

  5 August 2005

The Zimbabwean Pundit points out an interview with “reviled media henchman Tafataona Mahoso”, where he explains why there's no such thing as journalism that has Zimbabwe's interests at heart.