· February, 2007

Stories about Zimbabwe from February, 2007

Zimbabwe: Mugabe in 1980

  26 February 2007

Kubatana blogs posts Robert Mugabe's inspiring speech, which was delivered in 1980: Yesterday The Herald published a compilation of speeches made by Robert Mugabe during his extended stay in power. Mugabe’s address to the nation on the eve of Zimbabwe’s independence was included under the title “An enduring legacy of...

Africa: China in Africa

  22 February 2007

Afroshangai Blog posts an article about Chinese interest in Africa, “China, unlike just about every other country in the world, has a clear African strategy which is being implemented with military precision. President Hu Jintao’s visit is the third by a senior Chinese leader in twelve months…”

Deadwood cabinet stokes the fire of public ire in Zimbabwe

  19 February 2007

Facing unrelenting pressure for change, Zimbabwe's beleagured leader, Robert Mugabe, reshuffled his cabinet two weeks ago, but did little to aleviate the suffering of a nation that has been ravaged by a porous leadership and failing economy. The reshuffle, which wasn't much of a reshuffle, only saw one minister dismissed,...

Zimbabwe: how to challenge oppression

  15 February 2007

Kubatana blogs on tactics to challenge oppression in Zimbabwe, “In a recent Kubatana email newsletter I asked our subscribers to write 800 words on tactics to challenge oppression. One of my favourite responses is from a woman who offered some real basic suggestions to help improve our lives in Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabwe: the breaking point

  13 February 2007

Blogging about Zimbabwe, Ethan Zuckerman asks, “What is the breaking point?”: Gono, who is either the most incompetent central banker in the world today or the most sinister and corrupt, has responded by illegalizing inflation. Betwen March and June, anyone who raises prices for goods or services, will be subject...

Much ado in Zimbabwe

  5 February 2007

There was much ado in Zimbabwe over the last week. Much ado about nothing, that is. The biggest development in the beleagured nation's news was Gideon Gono, the controversial governor of Zimbabwe's central bank delivered a much anticipated monetary statement last week. Sadly, like everything else in the country, it...

Zimbabwe: abuses in gold mining sector

  4 February 2007

This Is Zimbabwe writes about human rights abuses in Zimbabwe's informal gold-mining sector: “One has to look back a decade to understand the regime’s haphazard stance on gold panning, which has left the desperate panners confused and now threatened with violence and starvation.”