· September, 2005

Stories about Cambodia from September, 2005

Cambodia: What, no laptops?

29 September 2005

Beth Kanter asks what happened to a much-vaunted scheme to provide hand-cranking laptops to children in Third World countries, and whether Cambodians will benefit from it.

Blogging in the Cambodian Language

  28 September 2005

NIDA, National Information Communications Technology Development Authority, is the government agency that oversees the country's telecommunication policy.  The Cambodian Government's ICT Policy encourages the development and deployment of Open Source software. The implementation partner is Khmer Open Source Project, an Open Source Software Localization project to customize Khmer-Language versions of...

Cambodio: New King online

21 September 2005

ThaRum reports that Cambodia's King Norodom Sihamoni has followed his father's example and set up his own Web site.

Cambodia: Katrina Aid

12 September 2005

ThaRum and Cambodia4Kids both point out that even one of the poorest nations on earth has offered money for Katrina victims.

Cambodia: Land crisis

5 September 2005

There is a major land crisis in Cambodia, a leading United Nations human rights official said. Rich and powerful interests were grabbing land, leaving thousands of people dispossessed.

Cambodia: Khlog & Clog

5 September 2005

Drupal, an open source content management system, will power the KhmerOS project and blogging tool that enables Cambodians to blog in own Khmer language based-weblog. It's going to be Khlog and Clog – the former stands for Khmer Blog, weblog in Khmer language; and the latter for Cambodia blog, weblog...