· September, 2007

Stories about Cambodia from September, 2007

Cambodia: Blogging from Siem Reap

  21 September 2007

Cambodian blogger and Global Voices Author Tharum Bun talks to fellow blogger Vireak from Seam Reap. Tharum asks Vireak about his motivations for starting and maintaining his blog. Vireak shares his unique ideas on the blogging scene in Cambodia.

Cambodia: Preventing Exploitation of Girls

  18 September 2007

Vutha summarizes a report on sexual exploitation of women in Cambodia and calls for stricter implementation of laws that according to him are only there for the benefit of the rich and powerful.

Cambodia: Anti-Terrorism Training

  18 September 2007

K-Media has a better idea for US Federal Bureau of Investigation that is currently involved in training Cambodian Interior Ministry officials in counter-terrorism.

Cambodia: The Decline of Angkor

  6 September 2007

The South East Asian Archaeology Blog writes about a new research on the civilization that built the Angkor temples. The research agrees with half a century old theory of a French archeologist who claimed that the civilization decline was because of over exploitation of its natural resources.