· November, 2006

Stories about Cambodia from November, 2006

Cambodia: Kite Weilding Terrorists?

  29 November 2006

Details are Sketchy writes about the ridiculous comments made by Cambodian information minister supporting the police confiscation of kites from protesters who were planning to fly them in front of the national assembly.

Cambodia: Cambodia's Rabbi

  28 November 2006

Arie meets the first and only native rabbi in Cambodia.”Jewish? In Phnom Penh? Adollah would like to meet you. He's very friendly, free with his blessings, and he may be able to heal the sick.”

Cambodia: Meeting a Legend

  24 November 2006

Vireak has a chance encounter with a legendary Khmer dancer. “Neak Kru Em Theay was one of the most famous dancers of the Royal Palace during the 50s to 70s. She has been commonly known as the Tenth dancer or the Tenth Apsara and is the only survivor amongst the...

Cambodia: After the Vietnamese Left

  17 November 2006

Chhay Vet continues his series of memoirs on the recent history of Cambodia. In this episode he recalls the years immidiately after the Vietnamese left Cambodia. The Vietnamse initially attacked Cambodia in 1978 and got rid of the infamous Khmer Rouge regime but stayed on till the early 90s.

Cambodia: Life and Work in Cambodia

  13 November 2006

Diana, a Singaporean in Cambodia compares her working life in Singapore to her current location in Cambodia. The blogger also explains why flexible work schedule is not preferred in Cambodia.

Cambodia: Minefield Trip

  11 November 2006

The filmmakers writing the lianlian blog take an unusual trip in Cambodia. “But then, Aki Ra invited us to join him on a demining expedition. The offer caught us off-guard. Triggered long, heated discussions and caused a few sleepless nights. How dangerous exactly, was a minefield? Did we really need...

Cambodia: Celebrating Water Festival

  9 November 2006

Julayne describes the water festival celebration in Cambodia. “I love how much the people of Cambodia celebrate things that actually matter….I mean, to celebrate, in such a huge way, the gift of water…it's amazing to think about all the things we take for granted. “

Cambodia: Life of a Karaoke Girl

  2 November 2006

Vutha describes the life of a girl working at a Karaoke bar in Cambodia. Koraoke bars are a common sight across South East Asia and East Asia and they usually employ young girls as hostess to provide company to the mostly male clientele.

Cambodia: A Cambodian Wins Woman of the Year Award

  1 November 2006

Andy Brouwer is pleased that the Cambodian activist Somaly Mam was awarded the Woman of the Year award by the US magazine Glamour. In an earlier post, Andy has written about Somaly Mam and the work she is doing in Cambodia. “If you aren't aware of Somaly Mam, she's the...