· July, 2006

Stories about Cambodia from July, 2006

Singapore: Remembering Cambodia

  25 July 2006

The death of a Khmer Rouge operative reminds the blogger at nofearSingapore of the time when the Khmer Rouge regime was overthrown. The blogger talks about the geopolitics of the time when other South East Asian countries and western powers were fearful of Vietnamese intentions.

A New Wave of Change in Cambodian Blogosphere

  22 July 2006

Since July last year, the growing popularity of weblogs among Cambodian Internet users is quite remarkeable. Whatever reasons you could think of – overhype of the mainstream media or indulgence in information technology. Though there is no exact count of Cambodian weblogs, according to Technorati, as of now there are...

Cambodia: Death of a Pol Pot henchman

  20 July 2006

The Cambodia blog has a post on Ta Mok, one of the top killers during the Pol Pot regime. Ta Mok died in a hospital today. The blogger is disappointed that the killer did not pay for his crimes. “Why the world is so unfair for thousands of innocent people...

Cambodia: Respecting Local Culture

  20 July 2006

Pisey at Cambodia Blog is urging the readers to explore the North East of Cambodia. “I would recommend you to come here if you are looking for a fantastic place for your tour. There a lot of places to discover: numbers of waterfall not just one, lakes, spending time in...

Thailand: Border Crossing

  13 July 2006

One of common question among backpackers who land up in Bangkok is how to get to Cambodia. Magnoy's Samsara posts a video on his blog depicting some of the places along the Thai-Cambodia border.

Cambodia: Loving Cambodia

  13 July 2006

Vannadeth, a Cambodian citizen living in Germany is pained by the error he finds in the geographical area of his country listed on a website. The blogger talks about his feelings for his country.“How do you feel when people as you ” Is Cambodia safe now from bombs?” This is...

Cambodia: Pol Pot's Cremation Site

  7 July 2006

Andy Brouwer visits former Cambodian ruler Pol Pot's cremations site. “IA couple of days ago I posted a photo of Pol Pot's birthplace. It seems only right that I should now post a photo of his cremation site, where in April 1998 millions of Cambodian's were denied any real opportunity...

Cambodia: Aids Awareness

  4 July 2006

Cambodia is mobilising gay men to help raise awareness about AIDS. Cambodia has one of the highest infection rate in South East Asia. Vutha in Cambodia has more details.

Cambodia: Saving heritage

  4 July 2006

Andy Brouwer in Cambodia is talking about an innovative effort to prevent the looting of historical artefacts. “In my view, Heritage Watch have come up with a brilliant idea to educate young Cambodians on preserving their heritage. Not exactly a subject that springs readily to the minds of children, but...

Cambodian Views on Football World Cup

  3 July 2006

Football fatasy. Football frenzy. Football fever. You name it. People all over the the world are watching the Football FIFA world Cup 2006, hosting in Germany, so are Cambodia. Euphoria and insomnia comes to almost all of us, not to mention Cambodian buddist monks. Just days ahead of the opening...