· July, 2005

Stories about Cambodia from July, 2005

Meet ThaRum: Cambodia's Second Most Famous Blogger

  27 July 2005

Tharum started his blog in June 2004 while a student at the National University of Management and working for the Open Forum for Cambodia, a Cambodian NGO devoted to digital divide issues.   He worked as a content editor for the Khmer language portal.  Tharum became a celebrity when his blog...

Cambodia: Barang Cheh Kmai

21 July 2005

Jinja, of Webbed Feet, Web Log, writes about what it's like being a tall red-headed foreigner in Cambodia.

Voices from the Wiki

  15 July 2005

Part of the human and technical magic that allows Global Voices to function is a lively wiki, where users around the world are able to tell us about blogs and websites we should be paying attention to, and where we're able to jointly edit documents like the Guide to Anonymous...

webbed feet, web log

11 July 2005

Webbed Feet, Web Log has a report from the first-ever Cambodian Blogger's night.

Pacific Rim and East Asia Friday Blog Roundup

  8 July 2005

Jinja, who writes the Cambodian blog Webbed Feet, Web log notes the irony that his former boss had only recently left Siem Reap, where the international school had a hostage crisis last month, to go to London. More importantly, though, he looks at the disquieting congruity of ‘good times’ and...

Monday Pacific Rim/East Asia Blog Roundup

  4 July 2005

Mr.Brown reports that Singapore’s most popular Chinese-language broadsheet ran a feature article about Singaporean bloggers and their upcoming conference. Malaysian blogger Kenny Sia has his own particular take on the personal politics of blogging. Following up on a piece from last Wednesday’s blog roundup, Danwei passes along the information that...