· August, 2005

Stories about Cambodia from August, 2005

Myanmar: HIV/AIDS agencies leaving

  31 August 2005

Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia is concerned over media report which said many HIV/AIDS agencies are leaving Myanmar as it has proved so difficult to work within the military rules and regulations. Currently, there are an estimated 170,000 to 620,000 people living with HIV in Myanmar. Infection rate among its...

Cambodia: Bridging digital divide

31 August 2005

The Panos and Global Knowledge Partnership is inviting submissions for 2005 “Reporting on the Information Society” awards. ThaRum highlights projects targetting at bridging digital divide in Cambodia so that Cambodian working journalists could use them to take part in the competition.

Cambodia: CamboKids

31 August 2005

Johnny Crook reports that community work at CamboKids is about reintroducing Khmer traditional culture and heritage which were almost destroyed during the past war and using activities that might help ensure children grow up and develop with stable mental health.

Cambodia: Blogs as university research topic

29 August 2005

Tharum's blogging experience becomes the research topic for Pannasastra University students who study for Fundamentals of Communication. The referral came from an article in the Cambodia Daily.

Cambodia: Jobless woes

26 August 2005

Young college graduates are in Cambodia are finding hard to get employed while transparency is said to be lacking in employee recruitment. Blogger ThaRum says employers are now seeking talents with additional language proficiency in French, Chinese and Thai besides competency in computer.

Cambodia: More condoms

  23 August 2005

While Japan is facing a dwindling population, Cambodia needs to increase condom production to protect its sexually active population. Cheang Sokha of Cambodian Morning blog reports that twenty million condoms are not enough and the country's leading distributor plans on increasing production to 23.5 million condoms by the end of...

Cambodia: Water Festival

23 August 2005

Independent nonprofit technology consultant Beth Kanter (blog: Cambodia4kids) has a podcast with Somaly K. Hay, the master Cambodian dance teacher. Beth has been chronicling in her vblog the water festival season in Maine and Massachusetts, USA – here, here and here. There is a short video which shows Cambodian dancers...

Khmer Dance

  20 August 2005

khmer dance

Video of a Cambodian dance troupe performing a blessing dance at the opening of the Lowell Water Festival, one of the largest Southeast Asian festivals in the US, organized jointly by the local Cambodian, Lao, Vietnamese and Thai communities.

Video Blogs & Cambodia

  18 August 2005

Eath Chhnon (otherwise known as “Village Girl“) is a Cambodian “video blogger” or vlogger. She grew up in a small village in Cambodia near Angkor Wat, one of country’s cultural treasures. Two years ago, at age 20, she came to New York City. Eath is video blogging her life story....

Cambodia: Blog services

16 August 2005

With some help, there is a possibility to launch a blog service that incorporates Khmer Unicode fonts, Khmer language software and blog tools. Can we find them a Cambodian Hoder?

Cambodia: Blogging beyond the norms

16 August 2005

Wired News featured Cambodian blogger Bun Tharum, as a new voice who has ventured into uncharted course in the emerging democracy: government corruption and the problem of domestic violence. Today, Bun Tharum talks about arranged marriage in Cambodia, in response to an article he read in Global Voices Online.

Cambodia: Genocide Tourism

12 August 2005

Webbed Feet, Web Log is frustated by the West's conflation of everything Cambodian and the Khmer Rouge and the subsequent creation of the genocide tourism industry.

Cambodia: Meetup Roundup

12 August 2005

Jinja of the Cambodian blog Webbed feet, Web Log has great minutes of the last Phnom Penh blogger meetup.

Meet Da: Cambodian Software Engineer

  9 August 2005

Hok KaKada, age 21, is one of six software engineers working on the Khmer OpenSource Software Project and the only woman. “Da” was born in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. She has worked on the project since August, 2004. The Khmer OS Project is customizing OpenSource software programs...

Cambodia: Blogging in Khmer Language

8 August 2005

Given the rapid progress made in developing Khmer software packages, ThaRum's Web believes that it won't be long before we start seeing blogs written in Khmer.

Cambodia: People and Phone

4 August 2005

ThaRum's Web writes about the very rapid changes that cell-phone culture is causing in Cambodia.