· April, 2006

Stories about Cambodia from April, 2006

Thai horror movie angers Cambodia

  27 April 2006

Alvin at chlim01 is bored finds the latest Thai horror flick tasteless as it is set in a prison that resembles Khmer Rouge's dreaded concentration camp. People in Cambodia are not too happy with their neighbour. A comment on another post at KI Media is asking the Cambodian people to...

Culture zone to dampen nightlife in Phnom Penh

  23 April 2006

Alvin Lim in Cambodia links to a forum where people are discussing closure of bars around Wat Phnom. The Cambodian capital city Phnom Penh gets its name from this religious place. The city authorities plan to build a culture zone around the wat and want the businesses in the area...

Cambodian assistance in demining Sudan

  14 April 2006

Heng at Blog Cambodia has a report on Cambodian soldiers helping out in the demining in Sudan. This is the first time Cambodian soldiers are participationg in an U.N. peacekeeping mission.

Cambodian film festival

  14 April 2006

The theme for this year's Cambodian Film Festival is “Independent Visions”. The organisers are seeking Cambodian and non-Cambodian entries. Diacritic.org has the details.

Happy water festival – mind the elephant gun

  14 April 2006

This week four countries in South East Asia celebrated their traditional new year. In Thailand the festival is known as Songkran. Usanee tells us why the people in Thailand look forward to this festival. I am so happy to have 5 days off. It is the longest holiday I would...

Happy year 2549

  13 April 2006

Today is the first day of the year 2549 in some South East Asian countries. Lao ocean girl describes the calendar system used in these countries.

Coinciding festivals

  13 April 2006

Toe, a Filipino blogger now living in Cambodia tries to figure out why the holy week, the Cambodian new year and several other events from different cultures coincide around the same time of the year.

Guilt-Free Food Blogs Review

  9 April 2006

#1: From Japan, I was just really very hungry Milking the soy bean, part 1: learn how to make soy milk with no special equipment. Milking the soy bean, part 2: learn how to prepare tofu at home. Milking the soy bean, part 3: Okara This is the concluding article...

High cost of health

  5 April 2006

Dr. Emer, a practising physician, observes that in the Philippines, the high price of medicine can be fatal to your health. In Cambodia, “medical corruption punishes the poorest of the poor” by depriving them access to basic health care.


  3 April 2006

KI Media in Cambodia has an English translation of a news story about an 18-year-old woman who jumped off a bridge in a suicide attempt. Rescued by fishermen, the young woman told the police “she did not want to live because she has no job, no money, and nothing to...

Bold Flavors of the World

  2 April 2006

#1: From Cambodia, Phnomenon To understand Cambodian cooking, we have to look back to explore the historical events that took place there and the cultures that influenced the building of today's gastronomical bounty. In the 6th century, Cambodia was a kingdom with an Indian-inspired culture, situated on the delta and...