· June, 2007

Stories about Cambodia from June, 2007

Cambodia: Blogs sharply criticize donor meetings

  24 June 2007

Hun Sen promised to purge his government of corrupt officials, pleaded for more aid, and was granted his wish, without question, by the international donor community. The decision comes directly after a slew of charges against the Cambodian government, which includes evidence of illegal logging and severe human rights violations.

Cambodia: Not Getting Caught in Thailand's Blame Game

  12 June 2007

Details are Sketchy is asking Cambodia to ignore Thailand's allegation that the casinos in Cambodia near the Thai border help launder money and support drug trade. “he claims are, of course, ludicrous. The problem with Thailand is that it’s ruled by an illegitimate and increasingly paranoid military dictatorship. And as...

Thailand: Street Protest Pictures from Bangkok

  11 June 2007

The Lost Boy has pictures from the latest pro-democracy protest in Bangkok. “Several thousand people had once again gathered, many standing around drinking from cans of beer or else sitting on plastic sheets sold be vendors, for the latest in a series of daily protests by an assortment of groups...

Cambodia: Oil Discovery and Optimism in Cambodia

  11 June 2007

Borin discusses some of the scenarios if the claims that Cambodia has huge oil reserves comes true. “Now let’s assume that Cambodia has large oil deposit that we call sell it all over the world, what happen next? Here’s what I think:“

Cambodia: Bloggers still skeptical of Khmer Rouge tribunal after agreement

  10 June 2007

After continuous delays in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia's (ECCC's) tribunal proceedings, the United Nations and the Cambodian Bar Association reached an agreement last week on how much the CBA can charge volunteer tribunal attorneys. Although this is a step forward in securing transitional justice for Cambodians, international bodies and the Cambodian government are still debating over when the actual trial will begin. Cambodian bloggers, in response, are still skeptical over promises of reconciliation.

Cambodia: Senior Khmer Rouge Member Dies

  10 June 2007

Andy Brouwer reports that another top-ranking member of the Khmer Rouge has escaped facing justice. “Fears that Ta Mok, known as ‘The Butcher,’ wouldn't live to see the tribunal to prosecute the surviving Khmer Rouge leaders, have come to fruition with his death today in a military hospital in Phnom...

Cambodia: Vietnam Stops Sand Export

  7 June 2007

Socheta at KI Media translates a Radio Free Asia story that says Vietnam is not allowing Cambodia to ship sand to Singapore. Singapore usually imports sand from larger South East Asian neighbors for its construction projects. Vietnam is citing environmental damage to Mekong river as the reason for its action.