· November, 2009

Stories about Cambodia from November, 2009

Cambodia: End of first Khmer Rouge Tribunal deemed a relative success

  28 November 2009

Many in the international community are calling the first Khmer Rouge Tribunal trial of Kaing Kek Iev, or Duch, a relative success as the trial closed. However, there are indications that Cambodian officials may not participate in future cases making it difficult to conduct a fair trial for the four Khmer Rouge members awaiting trial

Thailand-Cambodia word war continues

  15 November 2009

Thailand-based bloggers react as the country’s former Prime Minister accepts a new role in neighboring Cambodia as economic adviser. Thai authorities are not amused. They accuse Cambodia of interfering on its internal affairs. A word war and a diplomatic row erupts between the two countries

Cambodia: Journalist charged with defamation

  13 November 2009

Ros Sokhet, a journalist well known in Cambodia for his contribution to the English language media, was arrested on October 30th and charged with defamation. The arrest generated a debate on alleged corruption in the media industry

Cambodian Ambassador sends protest letter to Thai newspaper

  11 November 2009

Cambodian Ambassador You Aye, who is not pleased with the editorial published by Thai newspaper The Nation on the ongoing diplomatic row between Thailand and Cambodia, sends a letter to the editorial board of the paper accusing them of “becoming a tool for escalating tensions between the two countries.”

Cambodia: Comics culture

  11 November 2009

Webbed Feet, Web Log notes that Cambodia had a thriving comics culture during the socialist era but it declined when the country adopted free market principles in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Cambodia: Online press freedom

  11 November 2009

Sopheap Chak explains why “online press freedom is emerging as the new digital democracy” in Cambodia. The writer adds that blogs and websites are enjoying more freedom from government censorship.

Thailand-Cambodia diplomatic row heats up

  11 November 2009

Thailand and Cambodia recalled their ambassadors. An energy exploration deal between the two nations was suspended. The issue is no longer confined to a border dispute. Check out the reactions of bloggers to the escalating diplomatic row between Thailand and Cambodia.