· August, 2006

Stories about Cambodia from August, 2006

Cambodia: Web Portal and Destructive People

  29 August 2006

Vutha in Cambodia is upset with people who are causing disruptions in a community web portal project. The project known as the Community Information Center Webportal Cambodia (CIC webportal) was inactive for a while and the blogger is helping it become active again. “Finally, I am not sure whether CIC...

Cambodia: A Cambodian Geek in Malaysia

  25 August 2006

The blogger at khmerak.com is in Malaysia to attend an e-media training at a Malaysian online journalism organisation. The blogger describes his first day in Malaysia.

Cambodia: Banned Things

  24 August 2006

The blogger at Details Are Sketchy has a list of “mindless things” that are banned in Cambodia.

Cambodia: Internet Experience Workshop

  21 August 2006

Cambodian cyberkid DeeDee attends an Internet Experience Sharing Workshop and blogs about it. DeeDee is a school student who represents the younger Cambodians who are exploiting the internet for infomation and learning.

Cambodia: New Story Tellers on the Internet

  20 August 2006

According to a research report released recently by Pew Internet, most webloggers don't consider themselves doing journalism. In most cases they are not up to what a journalist does. In Cambodian blogosphere, there exists a series of interviews done by digital citizens playing the role of citizen's media. Chan Bopha,...

Cambodia: Veteran Actor Dies

  9 August 2006

Ki Media blog is reporting the death of veteran Cambodian actor Loto. Loto managed to survive the the Khmer Rouge regime regime and was seen recently on screen in Matt Dillon's 2002 film “City of Ghosts“

Cambodia: John Pilger

  9 August 2006

Andy Brouver at Andy's Open Door draws attention to John Pilger, the investigative journalist who made several documentaries on Cambodia.

Cambodia: Defining Modesty

  7 August 2006

After its absence for a decade, in this new millennium Cambodia sets to organize its first Miss Beauty competition. The nominated contestant will participate in next year’s Miss Universe contest. However, in an effort to preserve Cambodian culture, as suggested by the Ministry of Culture, swimsuit is not allowed, at...