· March, 2006

Stories about Cambodia from March, 2006

Cambodia: Gentle Tactics

23 March 2006

Maytel 2020 talks about how Cambodians’ gentleness is really a strategy for survival. “Having observed the natural and unassuming bodily gestures of village life I can say undoubtedly that the perception that Khmers and southeast asians in general are all sweetness and light is simply untrue. They are just like...

Cambodian Weblogs in the Spotlight

  23 March 2006

When it comes to quality, expatriate s’ Weblogs are unbeatable. And to learn what's going on around town and in the country, locals’ Weblogs are noteworthy. It is all about what Webloggers must learn to come up with things to give the world a good read. However, they also learn...

Cambodia: Voodoo Politics

  16 March 2006

KI Media translates from Khmer an article in the Cambodian media reporting a voodoo session organized by local politicians to exorcise devils believed to be living in a royal palace.

Cambodia: Sorcery

13 March 2006

seserak at From Cambodia to Japan gives us a primer on sorcery in Cambodia.

Cambodia: Beer Girls Predicament

  3 March 2006

Mowgli at Maytel2020 is having an ethical dilemma: what beer should he drink when many beer companies in Cambodia use “beer girls”? The girls, who hang out in bars and restaurants to promote their brands, are often expected by customers to provide sexual services. According to beergirls.org, a site set...