· March, 2014

Stories about Cambodia from March, 2014

Cambodia Government Accused of Suppressing Public Protests

  23 March 2014

Human rights group Licadho reported that the Cambodian government organized several counter-protests to undermine peaceful protests last year: If 2012 was the most violent year ever documented in terms of authorities using lethal force against individual human rights defenders, 2013 saw the Cambodian authorities turn that force towards public protests....

Why Protests Will Not Lead to a ‘Cambodian Spring’

  3 March 2014

Faine Greenwood writes about the Stanford lecture given by Cambodian human rights activist Ou Virak. Asked about the anti-government protests taking place in Cambodia, Ou Virak explained why it would not lead to a ‘political spring': I don’t think a spring in Cambodia will happen, nor do I think it’s...