· September, 2006

Stories about Cambodia from September, 2006

Cambodia: Vietnamese Soldiers

  29 September 2006

Chhay Vet blogging at Khmer440 remember the time immidiately after the fall of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The blogger has respect for the first batch of Vietnamese troops who helped end Khmer rouge rule. “The Vietnamese finally established their headquarters in the pagoda at the top of Phnom Sampheou but...

Cambodia: Ancestor's Day

  28 September 2006

Vutha in Cambodia introduces Prachum Benda, the Cambodian Ancestor's day. “The fifteen-day observance of Prachum Benda, or Ancestors’ Day, is a time for living relatives to remember their ancestors and offer food to those unfortunate enough to have become trapped in the spirit world.”

Cambodia: Remembering Khmer Rouge's Fall

  18 September 2006

Chhay Vet at Khmer440 blog remembers the day in 1979 when as a child he witnessed Vietnamese soldiers chase away the Khmer Rouge. “I remember the Vietnamese soldiers as being small and thin but tough fighting men. They were well armed, wore French style helmets covered in camouflaged cloth and...

Cambodia: Jailed Professor

  8 September 2006

The Details are Sketchy blog takes on the appeal by Asian Human Rights Commission to free an arrested professor Tieng Narith in Cambodia. The blogger feels that the commission is not aware of the actual facts surrounding the arrest. “Let’s be clear. Tieng Narith was teaching racism and hate from...

Cambodia: Tuk-Tuk Drivers Protest in Angkor

  6 September 2006

Details are Sketchy talks about the protest by tuk-tuk drivers in Angkor after the new restrictions that prevents them from driving the tourists to the temples were enforced. Tuk-Tuks are three wheeled motorised vehicle widely used in South East Asia and South Asia as a form of public transport. The...

Cambodia: Personal Information Technology aka Weblog Workshop

  3 September 2006

More and more Cambodians are getting introduced to blogging through organized workshops at universities in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. The Cambodian blogopshere is probably as not big as any others in the region as the number of Internet users is one of the lowest in Southeast Asia....