· October, 2006

Stories about Cambodia from October, 2006

Cambodia: New Lecturer

  27 October 2006

samphors sambo in Cambodia just landed a job as a lecturer. She posts a self-portrait and asks “My sis said: You look cool.My teacher said: You look like gangster lecturer.My Friend asked : Is that how you dress to teach?Another say: Doesn't look like a teacher.And what do you say?”

Cambodia: Casino Closed

  17 October 2006

The blogger at Details are Sketchy blog reports that a casino operated by a foreign company has closed. The casino attracted mostly Thai clients as such activities are banned in Thailand. Entrepreneurs had built casinos on Thai-Cambodia and Thai-Myanmar border to take advantage of lax border crossings.

Singapore: Hazy Sky

  16 October 2006

Alvin Lim in Cambodia posts a picture of hazy skies over Singapore and remarks “I find it quite astounding that the air quality is actually better in Phnom Penh than “advanced” Singapore. Then again I probably shouldn't be surprised, since Phnom Penh doesn't have as many heavy industries, much less...

Cambodia: Prime Minister's Gift

  13 October 2006

The blogger at blogbykhmer finds a bridge where a plaque says that it is a gift from the prime minister of Cambodia. The blogger feels that the bridge should not be seen as a gift as it is the government's duty to build public infrastructure

Cambodia at a glance

  10 October 2006

Spurred by the fact that weblog stimulates open discussion among people who have common interest, Cambodians take their concerned issues online to share with the world who are listening to them. Is weblog community an open space for debate? In what way can this new tool enhance the way citizens...

Cambodia: Rumours of a Coup

  7 October 2006

The blogger at Details are Sketchy downplays the rumours of a coup in Cambodia due to the extensive hold the ruling party has on almost every aspect of Cambodian state. “Indeed, the situations in Cambodia and Thailand are massively different. The ruling CPP has governed Cambodia with an iron fist...