· October, 2005

Stories about Cambodia from October, 2005

Cambodian Blogger Little Sopha Learns How To Rock

28 October 2005

Blogger Little Sopha with member of Michael Learns To Rock Band, in Russian Market, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. According Tharum the news that the touring schedule of a Danish rock band named Michael Learns To Rock, included a date in Phnom Penh, inspired "a wave of euphoria of younger generation...

Cambodia: Secret Treaty

  20 October 2005

The Cambodia-Vietnam border negotiations continue to be a hot topic in the local blogosphere. Dissident blog KI Media (“dedicated to publishing sensitive information about Cambodia”) offers a copy of a secret treaty addendum it says Phnom Penh signed with Hanoi, while Lux Mean at Cambodia Blog is wondering whether the...

Cambodia: Radio Host Arrest

  18 October 2005

Lux Mean at Cambodia Blog worries that bloggers may be next, after the arrest of a local radio host. The announcer's alleged crime? Interviewing a critic of a Vietnam-Cambodia border agreement.

Cambodia: Football crazy

13 October 2005

ThaRum writes about the growing popularity of European football (soccer) in East Asia, including Cambodia, saying that names like Beckham and Owen are big brand names as well as players.

Cambodia: New edition

7 October 2005

ThaRum reports on the first new edition of the official Khmer language dictionary in 70 years.

Cambodia: Cheap laptops

6 October 2005

Beth Kanter has a follow-up post with debate on whether Negroponte's recently unveiled U.S.$100 laptops would really be a good idea for Cambodia.

Cambodia: $100 laptop

4 October 2005

ThaRum answers Beth Kanter's query about cheap laptops with this post about MIT Media Laboratory's plans to unveil a Linux-based, hand-cranked U.S.$100 laptop in November, inspired by a visit to a Cambodian village.